What do we do about Syria?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by eric/, Mar 1, 2013.

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    I thought this was a great article by the Economist about the situation and political reality in Syria.

    I think it's great that the United States is staying out. The U.S. shouldn't be mucking around in the affairs of these countries, and it's not our problem. It sucks that so much suffering and violence is happening, but at the same time US involvement just costs us money and American lives.

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    The US needs to stay out of anything involving the Middle East.
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    Let the countries that border Syria deal with the issue if they so choose.
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    A while back ago when Israel went to war with Lebanon and with the Palestinians the US was quick to supply Israel with military equipment and cash. Back then I did not hear you recommend for the US to stay out or did I miss that post?
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    well going by your join dates neither of you were members here at the time which probably explains why you didn't read erics comments about lebanon :p
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    He's just wanting Eric to say he supports Jews but not Muslims.

    That being said, I support Israel, but I am not anti-Muslim.
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    To be fair there have been FIVE invasions in the recent past.:p


    Which shows in it's self how this problem area never seems to end.:eek:
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    Yes, I don't think it's going to end in our lifetime. This has been going on forever.
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    At this point I don't think we can do much, if we got involved then we'd just be putting our troops in the middle of a war we can't stop, if someone wants to send in a force to stabilize Syria it should be the Arab League. We should have put in a no fly zone earlier like we did in Libya, but I think it is too late for that to do much good now, plus I'd be slightly worried that Islamist groups are starting to hijack the revolution there so I wouldn't want to help put them in power.
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    Ignore them. Let them kill each other. Who gives a ****. It's not our problem, we have plenty of our own problems to deal with here, we don't need to police the sandbox 10,000 miles away. There's almost 200 countries on this planet, let someone else deal with it for once.
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    If we could do something that would ease the suffering of the people of Syria we should. However, it would be difficult to get anything the UN Security Council due to Russia's and PRC's selfish concerns. Also, we need to face the fact that the people who are hurting the Syrians most are themselves. I am not sure that aiding the rebels with arms would stop the killing. We can, however, provide humanitarians assistance, and monitor events more closely so that when the dust settles, those who are responsible for crimes against humanity get prosecuted. Also, we should expose those countries that have been supporting the Assad regime.
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    God rewards those that help those in need of help. I also believe in Karma. If we help and support one side but not the other then we are no longer neutral and have our views will be considerd biased or hypocritical.
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    Syria is a difficult problem.

    More instability and weapons in the region is not the way forward.

    I believe one should try to strike a peace deal between the govt and rebels before proceeding.
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    Ive been wanting to post something similar to this for a long time...

    To be honest I think the conflict, and the suffering along with it has gone on for far too long, I would personally like to see the U.S. get involved to some extent, maybe by leveling the playing field and neutralizing Assad's air superiority and using drones to take out his armor.

    Also, someone is supplying Assad with weapons? Anyone know who this is? Is it the Russians or Iran??
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    well to be fair......macrumors wasn't even around for any but the last of those :p
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    Sorry, but we can't use a book of 2000 year old fairy tales to dictate foreign policy of a nuclear superpower.

    And yeah, if we got involved, obviously we would be supporting one side and not being neutral, and it would just cause more problems for us in the future.

    I stand by my original statement. Stay away. We're not the world police, let them deal with their problems or let one of the other 200 countries in the world help them. We've bankrupted and neglected our own country enough over the past decade trying to police the middle east sandbox.
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    I'd rather anyone but Israel solve it.The UN isn't going to like their way and we'll deal with the fallout.
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    Both Iran and Russia are. Iran has provided over 60,000 armed militia men to help Assad's forces. They militia men from Iran are quite brutal.

    Russia has a ship docked in Syria which provides safe haven for Assad. Inside sources say he stays inside and comes out via helicopter just for media purposes.
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    Now if you had thought like that back 50 years ago.:)
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    Maybe if we didn't have the Cold War going on and the threat of communism spreading. Though like all things, times have changed, it's time for us to no longer police the world, and communism is no longer a legitimate threat.
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    And you as a nation would probably not be in 16 Trillion Dollars if debt.:p
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    It's ok, we saved the world. I'm glad my country did its part. :D

    Now that we've saved the world, it's time for us to focus on here at home. Get out of NATO, get out of the UN security council, and get out of all or our alliances. Bring all US military personel back. And only use our navy and air force to protect American interests.
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    Exactly look how long it took for help to arrive after Hurricane Sandy, never mind the cluster **** after Hurricane Katrina.
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    Yup. If we weren't busy trying to make sure terrorists don't bomb people, or that Egypt gets enough foreign aid, we could be doing better stuff here at home.

    The federal government should not ever again hand out a single dollar in foreign aid, no matter what. If people from the US want to give, it should be done privately, not through the US government.
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    Foreign aid is in many cases the easiest way to achieving market penetration.

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