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What do you carry and how do you carry it?

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by entatlrg, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. entatlrg, Jun 2, 2010
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    The start of a "what's in your bag" photo thread.

    We've got laptops, phones, cameras, now iPads plus all the other daily work and non work essentials.

    What's goes in your "Go Bag" and what kind of bag do you carry it in?

    For me:
    13" MBP
    Canon SD790
    1 file folder work papers
    1 paper notebook
    iPhone cable
    WD 500gb hard drive

    all fits well in a black Swiss Gear backpack.
    (photo's to follow)
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    Cell phone in my pocket and my fire pager on my hip. My iPod, Sidekick, wallet, and keys in my backpack.
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    cell phone and wallet in my pocket lol... thats it...
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    Keys, cellphone, wallet... that's it.
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    Vaude Seoul (I have actually a darker color scheme but was not able to find a picture online)


    in it are:

    Keys (mine & work), pens, pad, padlock (for uni lockers), mbp 13.3, mdp2vga adapter, apple remote, small umbrella, a small case of nivea lotion, chewing gum, deodorant and a condom (just in case ;)).

    wallet & cellphone in my pants.
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    you carry that everywhere you go?!

    Wallet, Keys, iPhone...and sometimes headphones.
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    Me at the moment:

    -750ml Aluminium water bottle
    -iPod 3G
    -8GB USB Key
    -Palm Treo Pro (for work)
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    cell phone
    iPod classic with headphones
    Nalgene bottle
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    On the Go:
    . iPhone 3GS - 16gb black + in-ear headphones
    . Capsul case wallet

    University, add to the list above:
    . 13" Macbook Pro
    . Portable computer powered hard drive

    My bag:
    . Not sure what to buy yet ... looking for a very thin sleeve with handles and pockets for the external drive and the magsafe for the mbp, any ideas ?
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    ipod touch, ipod nano 5th gen, wallet, keys, and my piece of junk env3
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    Um the usual is, my MB 6,1, mag safe,bluetooth mighty mouse,ethernet cable,ipod cable,FW 400 cable,USB 2 double ended male,USB 2 extension, VGA and DVI MDP connectors,iPod Shuffle 4G 2GB,ipod earbuds,ipod shuffle sync cable.All in my Swiss Tech backpack.And if I'm going to church,leadership binder,and Bible.(I work as a intern youth pastor)

    In my pockets are,wallet,cell phone,knife,keys and gum.
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    I keep my Dell Mini 10v, Palm Pre Plus, spiral notebook/pen, house key, insurance/registration, and Fossil wallet in a small camelback like this:

    I ride everywhere (sportbike), it's all I need to take.
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    why some people feel a need to lug around thousands of dollars worth of gear everywhere they go is beyond me
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    I thought this thread was about guns.

    Oh Texas.
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    Same, these are the vital things for me. Keys to get in, Wallet for money, Phone for contact, Headphones for music.
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    So did I.... lol

    Me: iPhone, keys, wallet in pockets. 13" MBP, Magsafe block and extension, Toshiba 500GB external, Magic Mouse, iPod cable, power block with another iPod cable, and some(alot of) papers in a folder for a project that I'm doing at the firehouse in a Targus V7 backpack.
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    I'm an over prepared person,that's why. :D
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    We've had these threads before. I guess you all carry so much **** around that it couldn't fit in the other threads. :D
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    • iPod Classic 120GB
    • Monster Turbine earbuds
    • Rotring 600 .5mm Pencil
    • Two or three law school books
    • notepad
    • MacBook Pro

    All in this bag:
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    -iPhone 3G
    -Head phones
    -Pencil or pen
    -Leathermen Sc2 Sliver
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    Usually just a few things:
    -Money(No wallet)
    -Blackberry(For phone)
    -hTC touch pro 2(For music(on the go)+backup phone)
    -iPod shuffle(for long trips)

    And they are located in my pockets
    Bold is always taken
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    In my chrome bag
    -Hand sanitizer
    -Mophi Juice Pack
    -(sometimes) Laptop
    -(sometimes) DSLR
    -Gym clothes (most of the time)
    -Cliff bar

    On me
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    On another day my reply would be different. But today (work)

    iPhone, keys, wallet..
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    Everywhere at all times:

    Wallet, cell phone, keys, chapstick.

    6 days a week though I'm in class, so I carry:

    4 textbooks
    Notebook (Computer)
    6 Spiral bound notebooks
    TI-89 Titanium calculator
    Extra batteries
    Instant coffee
    Library ID thingy
    Probably more stuff that just isn't coming to mind.

    I carry it all in a Speck Aftpack. Good bag.
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    Glock 23 with IWB Comptech holster.

    Very comfortable.

    Oh... and I'm in the "wallet, keys, cellphone" camp.

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