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What do you do when you can't fall asleep?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TSE, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. TSE
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    Just wanted to see what people do when they are having a difficult time falling asleep?

    I personally just walk around wherever I'm living, sometimes I move to the couch and watch some TV... maybe read. Eat hot cocoa.
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    SleepStream 2
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    I was hoping your answer was going to be along the lines of your username.
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    Funny, when I was younger I always used to have trouble getting to sleep... But I seem to have grown out of it now and drop off easy as :)
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    Sex usually does the trick for me.
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    I do what I'm doing right now. :)
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    I usually throw a load of valerian down my neck, works a charm and doesn't leave me feeling foggy the next day like sleeping pills do.
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    One of the great perks of being retired is there is no schedule, you can make it up as you want.

    If I cannot sleep I get up and watch a film or read a book or go online. I then sleep when I feel tired, whether that is daytime or not.
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    No one replied yet with the classic, alternating bouts of masturbation/Call of Duty 4 frag fests?
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    I've tried that when I'm off work for a few days, but it always makes me feel unhappy because I'm not following my usual day/night pattern. Maybe I'll have to wait until I retire (assuming that day comes) to try.
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    I stare at the wall until I fall asleep lol
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    Masturbate. :)
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    I pray.

    Usually when you cant sleep is because your brain is all messed up, still active, there is energy left.

    I pray, is a meditation state that relaxed the mind.

    You give thanx to God for what you have, for your day, your house, even the problems you are facing because those are learning experiences.

    Then... you surrender to God "I am here, take me, I am your child, do what ever you please with me, I surrender, I am yours".

    Then... you ask for guidance, for clues. God, give me tips, send me clues, help me to listen to them. Help me to resolve the issues in my mind, you know what to do, help me to be better, guide me.

    And that's basically is.

    Let your mind be free of worries, give them up to God and you will feel relaxed and happy.

    When in bed, protect yourself spiritually. Start to visualize a white light coming from above trough you to protect you, feel the protection, make it healing you.. ZZzzzzzzzz.... You are gone!

    That is how I fall to sleep. Do it every night and it works better every time. Is healthy and in the morning you feel great. I am 37, I started to do that this year and my anxiety is basically gone and I feel great.
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    Mr. McMac

    Ditto, it works for me...seriously :D
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    I just smoke some hash, way less intrusive than giving my soul to zombie jesus.
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    Two words.....Ny Quil. Take a swig of it and you should pass out in no time.
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    I just listen to music and reflect. If I'm not sleepy within a hour, I just anticipate how messed up I'll be in the morning...

    Apparently they now make this to prevent dependency

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    Yep- usually works. :)
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    I'll read something on the net on my iPod Touch or play Angry Birds until I feel like I'm about to drop off. Only disadvantage of that is that I have to charge it the following morning to have it fully charged for the day.
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    I usually listen to music.
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    In this order of preference:

    a little poke on the pipe
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    Replace call of duty 4 with uncharted 3 and there you go :)
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    If you have a channel that shows 50's shows like I love Lucy or leave it to beaver try watching that as you fall asleep. Works for me. Not that the shows are boring, but the filming style and the sound of them make me sleepy.

    Edit: In case that doesn't work, just jerk off.

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