What do you think apple should put in the next macbook?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by ScyferDown, Feb 19, 2009.

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    so the aluminum macbook just came out and it kicks serious @$$. it runs final cut pro 6 just fine and motion 3 works too. but what about the next macbook? heres what i think should be put in.

    2.33GHz intel quad core

    6gb DDR3 RAM

    Nvidia geforce 9600GT

    USB 3.0 and firewire 3200

    even if :apple: did make a macbook with these specs im guessing it would cost around $2,700. what do you think should be put in?
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    Tallest Skil

    FireWire is dead.

    USB 3 won't be in anything until 2010.

    Do you know that this is a new clock speed for the next bump, or are you guessing?

    It won't get 6GB standard, obviously, and you can do that now.

    I can't comment on the GPU because I don't know (care :p) about nVidia's next mobile chipset's integrated GPU.
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    If you cannot get USB 3, then you have to have FireWire (and FW not quite dead yet).

    FW 1600 and FW 3200 still not out yet. :(

    Price drop too. $1099 for low end Al-book
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    Oh god, another one...
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    My thoughts exactly.

    These forums are littered with useless speculation threads such as this. If you want to make a wishlist, please do so on your own blog. Otherwise use the search function and post in a thread that already exists.
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    Ummm....a good screen <ducks>?:D
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    Sweet dreams…? :p
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    honestly i think there pretty good right now. In my opinion the only thing would be the new 32nm intel chips, stupid me, i forgot the name of them lol, and maybe the higher end model could come with a 320gb HDD. Besdies that im not to sure what else. It dosent really matter to me anyway because i just bought my macbook and i most likely wont buy another one for 2-3 years.
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    only new 32nm processor, may be they will provide SSD and good screen as default for topend model
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    You said:
    I say:
    Not happening.

    No way.

    Are you kidding me?

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    Not quite... Quad cores are too power consumers to say the least. For a MacBook I think the next CPU would be the P9500 2.53 GHz 6MB (or P8700 3MB L2) L2 cache the current MBPs have, they will have the pesky 4GB Ram cap is still (Apple will wait till Nehalem to add more than 4GB to MBs I beleive). and USB 2.0 will still be standard and Firewire will still be missed.

    Edit - I corrected the part number of the 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo. Its actually a P9500 not a P9400 as I had before.
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    lol unreasonable specs for a unreasonable sized macbook.
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    BlueRay Please...:)
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    the 2.4ghz macbook already has the P8700
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    Nop. P8600
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    my bad..your right about the p8600, its the same one the base model MBP uses.
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    :p That made me giggle.
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    I would like them to rid the macbook air, then make the macbook slimmer (a thickness between current and air).

    and standard cpu at 2.4ghz and a 2.66ghz option.

    current one is fine..
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    FW800 and a better display or they can keep their crapbook!
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    Firewire 800 and 17 inch MacBook Pro battery technology (but still user replaceable) and aluminum macbook for $999 so I do not have to get the white one. Also Snow Leopard! I will probably wait for snow leopard before upgrading my PowerBook anyway. 8 GB ram support like the 17 inch also
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    I really wish Apple would put an ExpressCard slot in a MacBook. Despite the fact that mostly pro users would use this feature, those who knew what it was would be greatly benefitted.

    I'd use it all the time. :)
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    A better screen and voice + typing detection software that reroutes all available power to send a nasty shock to the owner whenever the words firewire or bluray are detected.
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    FireWire, Pisses me off that they took it away from the MacBooks

    I am not a huge fan of FW but my $500.00 Apogee interface runs off of FireWire and FireWire transfers data faster (better) than USB, in my opinion.

    USB is thinner and sleeker but I just hope Apple does better than this "MacBook Wheel" :rolleyes:
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    The specs you listed are more like for a 17" MBP.

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