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What do you think of my site layout?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by mreitz, Oct 2, 2007.

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    The layout looks fine.

    The colors are very hard to read.
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    what do you mean, colors?
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    I like it, and I don't think the colors are hard to read (at least not on my screen!) - the only one that is slightly is the green at the bottom listing the users that are online.
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    I think the layout is nice. Colors have enough contrast in my opinion, and that's usually one of my complaints on sites. Except for the color xfiftyfour mentions, if you brighten the green it should be fine.

    The only critique I have is for the top banner. It's a little hard to read the text in it. It also has the feel of being an ad image rather than a banner. It's just a feel it gives off. Off hand the only thing I can think to get around that is maybe making the sides irregular to remove its boxy feeling. That's just an idea though.
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    I hope the op has changed the colours since your post as I can't see any green anywhere :eek:
    I know I'm reinstalling and haven't set up my screen but I would hope green would appear green rather than blue :D
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    I'd tone down the saturation in the orange text, but aside from that it looks nice.
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    Looks great, but I think the color of the bar that has the "thread tools" and "display modes" buttons are a little out of place-- the dark purple shade.
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    I think the GRADIENT SPILL text is hard to read in the banner image, although I suppose that's a design choice. Overall I think the board layout looks nice. The only thing (very nitpicky) I don't really like is the curvature of the lines on top of each section. You kind of have this double line thing. On the left side, they seem to fit together even though the curvature is somewhat different. On the right side, the lower line has a sharp zigzag and the upper line has a smooth curve. If it were me I'd either sharpen up the top curve or soften up the bottom curve to make them fit better. They don't need to run parallel, but just need to be a little more harmonious in juxtapostion. Then again, I might look at it again in an hour and decide it looks just fine as is. :) Also the top banner area looks too plain with just a rectangular image, I assume you are going to add something else up there? Anyway, it looks good.
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    I like that the layout fits window width, but it goes so far to the edges that, somehow, it gives me the visual impression that I must not be seeing the whole thing, and I find myself looking for a horizontal scrollbar. Perhaps if you left a few pixels of padding on the left and right, this effect would be eased. Does that make any sense?

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