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What do you think of the conference pictures?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by kylek14, Aug 27, 2010.

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    Ok, my title may not be as specific as I like, but here it goes. (If in wrong section, please move, I couldn't determine the right location for this post)

    what do you think of the acoustic guitar for Apple's conference on sept. 1st? Like the meaning.

    I was talking to my friends and almost all of them said the same thing, when they think of an acoustic, they think of "something being peaceful, with a sense of security and calm"

    Honestly, I think the description and the way it fits macs is pretty accurate. We never have to worry about security breaches (virus wise), calm and peaceful i guess would be Apple addressing the communities needs.

    I wanna hear your thoughts.
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    It makes me think the event will have something to do with music. :p
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    iPod = Music Player
    Guitar = Music
    Music + Apple Logo = iPod
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    It makes me think of folk music.

    OMG!!! Apple is going to convert iTunes into folk music only. :eek:
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    lol. I’ve only heard one good folk song. The General by Dispatch
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    This. I wonder if we're right?!?! :rolleyes:
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    It stands for apple kicking a$$ and taking names they hired Chuck Norris as a consultant last year.:cool:
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    Apple will release the iGuitar. The Apple-shaped sound bore magically enhances the sound trough a reality distortion field effect.

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    sorry, you're completely wrong. :)
    the conference is apples traditional music related event. The guitar symbolizes that it is music related.
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    Actually Steve Jobs changed his name to Steve Guitar, and he made an ipod guitar that lets you play guitar while listening to the song :)

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