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What do you think should i get? (nano or shuffle)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by DCapple, Mar 1, 2006.

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    im really confuse on what should i buy is it a nano or a shuffle? please give me some advise on what to take for considerations:confused: ....

    thanks in advance!:)
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    nano = screen, clickwheel, photos, dock connector, black or white, tiny.
    shuffle = no screen, little button wheel thingy, USB connector, even tinier.

    Which would you prefer?
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    Read the reviews/recommendations at Ilounge.com
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    As you see in sig, I have both. I love them both. Each has it's rightful place, for instance: The Nano is great for alsmost everything, and will impress anyone who hasn't seen one on the street yet, but the shuffle is a seemingly indestructible way to carry a good chunk of your favorite iTunes around whatever you do, and wherever you go. To sum up, I wouldn't want to schlep my Nano, (or my 4G photo) down the road with me on the chopper, but the Shuffle can always be found in my pocket, serving up the songs I just can't go anywhere without. Obviously 2 iPods are better than one. If you need a tiny tank, go Shuffle, but if the features of the Nano are what you crave, get it first. Later you must remember to get a refurb shuffle since it is only around $50 USD.
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    Between the two listed iPods, I would choose the iPod Nano.
    I prefer to have a screen on my iPod.
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    Much agreed. It expands the uses of the iPod a lot more.
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    True- plus, the iPod Nano has the added function of the click-wheel.
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    The combination of the two just makes it a whole lot more controllable and, thus, easier to work with.
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    I've had both, and there's no comparison - the nano is worlds better. It's basically just as small... i mean, the shuffle is technically a bit smaller, but the nano is small enough to fit in the "5th" pocket in jeans. And the nano is even thinner, which actually makes it less obtrusive in the pocket, IMO.

    The nano is also flash no never skips, is just as easy to work out with, has a much higher capacity, and a screen. Don't think twice about this.
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    Well thanks for the inputs! Well have decided to get a nano since it has the same and more advance features...do you know where can i buy a cheaper nano?
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    i'd get 1 on ebay...:cool:
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    I have both.

    The shuffle sits in the desk drawer.
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    The shuffle makes for a good looking, expensive USB drive.

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