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What do you use to protect your iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by greenguy4, Aug 21, 2005.

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    What kind of case or skin do you use to keep your iPod clean and shiny?
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    to be honest i don't.... i used to use the apple provided one... although after 3 years mine has many dents and deep scratches it doesn't even matter any more.

    I'm just surprised it still works after home many times its been dropped...

    this thing is a beast :cool:
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    The standard Apple case... works for me. Not one scratch in 2 years :D

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    Orange Sock sporting apple logo.

    I dunno, it just makes up for the 'now' absent orange backlights

    Not so good for drops i guess, but then what is that allows you to slip the ipod comfotably in your pocket?

    Sock all the way.

    I used to have an iskin, but from my work in an electronic store, and more importantly personal experience, it WRECKED the back of my ipod, the metallic finish was almost worn out by the poor design. Many customers had a rant over identical problems.

    They might have fixed this problem though, but make sure to check that if you go the iskin way.
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    I've got an iSkin and it's fine - hasn't done anything to the back at all. Took the clip off it though that looked like it was going to make a mark.
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    iSkin Evo2 without the belt clip. The reason I think this is better than the Apple case (which scratches the back over time) is that these cases let you use the iPod without removing it from the case which is what scratches the iPod in the Apple case.

    I've had it for around 3 weeks now (since I got my repaired iPod back from Apple with a perfect scratch free finish) and it's great. It might look a bit odd and sliding it in there is certainly weird but it works!
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    agreed. This way I can push the next track button through my jeans.
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    iSkin, and like the others, no beltclip.
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    With my iPod mini I just use the belt clip for protection. Not that the minis scratch a lot, anyway, but when I loop the headphones cord (regular headphones, not those in-ear-sh...pooh) through the clip I also have an added protection from accidental dropping it.
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    I don't use anything. Mine stays in its iPod cup holder in my truck all of the time, so I don't worry about dropping it. Never worried about scratches and such. I want to be able to use it, not walk on eggshells around it. If I felt like I had to protect it that much, I probably would never use it. Before I docked it in my truck, I used the regular case it came with.

    Woof, Woof - Dawg [​IMG]
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    I use an Agent18 clear case for my iPod Photo. I love it.
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    iskin for my 20 giger
    and nothing usually for my mini (sometime a apple sock)
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    That's the same one I use. I also picked up one of those clear removeable click wheel covers, as that is the only thing the Agent 18 case leaves unprotected. My iPod looks as new as the day I bought it.

    One nice benefit is that I can fit my 60GB iPod into the Bose SoundDock dock with the case still on, so I never have to take it out of the case.
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  16. EGT
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    I bought too many iSkins and similar that i don't even use anymore.

    My iPod hasn't been out of its Contour Showcase since I got it.

    A fantastic case :cool:
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    Marware Sport Suit Convertible - I love it! Keep my iPod nice and protected, and is a great little case. :cool:
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    the iskins cover for the 20gig color. Thanks for mentioning the belt clips scratches the back of the ipod. I just removed mine. Initially I didn't notice that would be an issue. Too bad there isn't one with a belt clip that doesn't scratch it.
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    Wishfull thinking....yeah mine's a little banged up.
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    Nothing here. My iPod is a marine. :cool:
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    I use the Agent 18 Clickshield and it's freakin' awesome! I use to use an iSkin, and the Contour Showcase, and let me tell you the Agent 18 is the best case ever!! It takes nothing away from the iPod!!!!
    Here is the link in case anyone is interested.
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    Right on with the Clickshield, I LOVE IT!! BEST CASE EVER!!
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    I just bought an iskin at the apple store today because it HAS a belt clip. hmmmm.... I may return it now. I would like a beltclip for when I am working in the yard and don't have any pockets.
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    I'm a case-aholic, I love to dress up my ipod :p

    • two ipod socks, green & pink, love them!
    • incase folio, mostly used for traveling
    • incase argyle sleeve (green) - too cute not to buy :)
    • iskin - I think I used this for about a day, can't stand it
    • plain old black standard incase

    I think that's it :)

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    Does anyone have a picture of their ipod mini in one of the socks?? I just ordered mine was wondering how snug it will be in there? Anyone use the socks for anything else?? I wanted one for my cell phone.

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