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What does this mean for the new iBook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bill4588, Feb 28, 2006.

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    The inclusion of the intel chip in the mac mini caused the price to go up $100. Does this mean the price of the new iBook will go up as well? Will there be integrated graphics to cut down on cost? Based on what you saw today, what new features do you think will be added to the new iBook, and at what cost?
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    bump. any thoughts?
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    Well if this is the future for low end consumer macs like the iBook. The future dosn't look well. I need an new iBook but i won't buy one whith these specs. But maybe this is the last revison of the macmini, there are people who think so. If so there is still hope.

    Gaston Lagaffe
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    This might mean it will get a core duo for around a grand. They have to cripple the new iBook in some ways.
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    Try not to bump your threads mate.

    As to the rest of your post, the inclusion of integrated graphics did not necessarily cause the pricepoint to go up. I would actually doubt that very much. I am sure the pricepoint went up because of the costs of the Intel Chips as opposed to the G4, and/or because of the research/design/equipment costs of implementing the rest of the new tech in the existing form factor. The inclusion of IG probably, if anything, made the pricepoint go down.

    I assume the iBook will get most of the features of the new macmini, and perhaps an isight, though I have never been one to speculate effectively.

    I don't necessarily think that it follows that the iBook will also get integrated graphics. I heard it mentioned that perhaps the new macmini received integrated graphics to make room for the second RAM slot, which seems reasonable. If true, then the iBook may not follow suit.

    It is also possible that the new macmini got the IG to cut down on costs, after factoring in the relative costs of all the new tech. This could apply to the iBook also - so it might get IG.

    I don't really know.
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    I suspect the iBook price will go up slightly, it'll get some of the speculated additional features, and it'll get a Core Duo and integrated graphics.

    Yeah. :(

    Well, wait and see how those integrated graphics do. You never know, I guess? But I don't like the idea much.
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    You're less likely to be gaming on an iBook I guess so it's not as bad that it's integrated? Or is it more to do with the fact it shares the ram?
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    (blackfox) - yeah i know....that's what i said in my original post - no worries though :p . I just dont want the price to go up as I'm getting an iBook for college in the fall. But if they ARE more expensive, I could possibly get the G4 ibooks for a great price.
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    also, we are missing some things here. this mac mini has a SATA HD, instead of the older PATA HD in the older revision.

    other thing which caught my attention was the fact that this has 2 slots for memory.

    so if the new ibook caries over these features. i think it would make a great machine
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    Really? Not everyone who wants to play video games buys $3000 or $4000 computers to play them on. What's the mean cost of a Windows PC that's used to play video games? I bet they're not all from Alienware. Gaming has always been a small, but non-zero part of the advertising of the iBook....
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    Well personally I wouldn't expect a laptop to be capable of anything more than simple 3d at that price range.
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    I'm gonna say something before everyone starts to only talk about the integrated graphics. The point of this thread was to talk about what the new features of the next iBook will be, for the same price, based on what we've seen today. For example: will it be widescreen? Will there be a camera? How fast will the HDD be? All of these things could change due to the intel switch. So what do you think it will be like?
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    i'm in a bit of of a pickle when it comes to my view on this , it's good that steve made the jump to the intel chips on the mini but at a cost ie to us more money to the end user on a cheap mac he was saying everyone could afford not so long ago has ..well been priced out of the budget market IMO.

    as for the iBook well i do not think will will see a cheap iBook Macbook or whatever it will be called.

    my advice for the moment is to buy now and buy cheap on whatever you can get, i feel that times are changing and not for our wallets good!

    UK price for the Mac Mini started last year at £329 and has since gone up, the new Mini has a starting price of £449 which i think is outrageous for a budget machine, Dell can only gain on this.

    time will tell but as of this post APPL stock is down and i can see why

    My view anyway:eek:
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    Well the MacBook Pro is cheaper than the 15" PowerBook so who knows.

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    Well, the iig in the ibook would not be a problem for me - I can't see how I could ever want to play graphics intensive games on a 13' laptop. On the other hand, I'm a little worried about the core solo/duo thing we saw today. If they have two different ibooks out, I think it's almost inevitable.

    I hope the price will not go up - and that's the most important thing about the new ibook. For me it's the os that makes the real difference - that's why I want to get an ibook soon.
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    The 15" Powerbook cost 2000 dollars when it was in production as well.

    The MacBook Pro = 2000 or 2500 dollars, which is either equal to or MORE expensive than the 15" Powerbook it replaced.

    Thus far, we haven't seen a single price DECREASE because of the switch to Intel.
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    However for Price per Speed, we saw a Major decrease
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    though that may be true, i hope the price doesnt go up because many people who get iBooks are college students (like myself) or those who are thinking about making the switch to apple (also like myself), and raising the prices will only discourage consumers. And the ones interested in iBooks arent really looking for blazing speed, just something that allows them to do whatever they may need at a decent pace.
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    I don't know. I do know the masses want a better computer for less money. But I don't see how adding more and more features, extra processors, etc. doesn't drive the cost up. I wouldn't be surprised if the iBook, once upgraded, turns out to be at least $100 more than it is currently. I wasn't too surprised that Apple upped the price of the Mini.
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    I think we'll see an entry level at $999(Core Solo) and an upper at $1299(Core Duo). I think they can put a 64mb ATI X1300(128mb upgrade option in the upper end) gpu in it, even at current prices I think they could do it.

    New features: Front row, remote, iSight, 13.3" widescreen, 512mb DDR2 667 memory, 60gb HD standard, magsafe, AE+BT, 4x SuperDrive(ComboDrive in low end). If they truely do eliminate the 12" form factor of the PowerBook the upper end iBook configuration would be great.

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