What earphones are there that stop music annoying others? will noise cancelling ones

Discussion in 'iPod' started by julianna1973, Dec 3, 2009.

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    work? anything i read on noise cancelling is that its to keep outside sounds out but does it work the other way also?
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    Ear buds, in particular in-ear headphones (aka IEMs for In Ear Monitors) may be your best best. Noise cancelling headphones won't be any different than other types of headphones wrt leaking sound.
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    arent they what you get with your ipod from apple anyway ?
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    You'd get earbuds, but not the "in ear" version. The latter is sort of like an earplug that plays music, so they block external noise like noise cancelling headphones, but also prevent music from leaking out (plus, unlike noise cancelling headphones, they don't need batteries).

    Some people find them uncomfortable (since they sit in your ear canal), but others (myself included) swear by them.

    Depending on how much you're looking to spend, Shure and Ultimate Ears and two of the big names. Apple also makes an in ear version of their headphones (but they have to be purchased separately, as far as I can recall.)
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    I love in ears. I find them very, very comfortable. I buy Sennheisers - good sound and I'm holding off on trying Shures because the Sennheiser in ears are the most comfortable I've ever found.

    People can't hear my music with them at all :) I'm using Sennheiser cx500s right now, but I can also vouch for the cx300s.
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    IEMs are noise-canceling headphones would do the trick, I prefer the former over the latter.

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