What exactly is the MBA's target demographic???

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by gothamm, Jan 20, 2008.

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    paris hilton types?
    super weak anorexic people?

    All joking aside, I don't understand who apple is trying to target. I have an analytical mind and like to think about stuff from a business POV.
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    Very rich people. Its not powerful enough for me, but there are plenty of rich kids in my year getting one, and my dad is thinking about saving for one...

    5 pounds is not the easiest thing to lug around all day even if it is relatively light, and I'd be very happy if my Macbook lost half its weight even though I'm not "super weak anorexic"
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    professionals? Yes
    travelers? Yes
    students? Yes
    paris hilton types? Yes

    And three of those I fit.
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    Probably someone like me. I own my own company, have several desktop systems, and love nice new gadgets. I already have a powerful 17" laptop if I need to have that on the road, but I don't always need it.

    Sometimes I have to carry my computer on my back through a tradeshow walking for hours at a time. Something light and sleek makes this easier. If it looks cool on top of that, it's an added bonus.

    Most of the time I don't need an optical drive or wired network connection. I won't ever need firewire on this computer.

    If I listen to music or watch movies on it, I won't be carrying a huge collection and literally never watch anything from an actual DVD. Don't most people realize that Apple's ideal future doesn't include optical drives for media? They want us to be downloading from iTunes exclusively. I could probably buy into that.

    The things I won't compromise on are the keyboard or screen size. Any smaller and I wouldn't have ordered one.

    I can't wait for mine to arrive.
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    students? surely you cant be serious

    being in college myself, there is no way the mba would prove wise compared to the mb or mbp at the price
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    Maybe he means "students" whose parents pay for everything. Most real students would go with the Macbook or Macbook Pro.
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    The student one is the only one I don't fit. I can imagine though why it would appeal to students: portability and "bling" factor.
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    As a former student I bought a MacBook and a Windows mintower for the price of a MacBook Air.
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    professionals? rich ones
    travelers? rich ones
    students? rich ones
    paris hilton types? no, Hilton likes chihuahua, MBA is too big
    super weak anorexic people? rich ones

    rich ppl
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    i agree. however what im getting at is you NEED a computer that has an optical drive, that has more than 1 usb porta and has speakers i could go on

    but mb's are portable and bling? who cares. it's not like the mb is a crappy computer

    not to mention you SAVE a fortune. 700 is not exactly chump change
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    I'd like to include a comment about the Paris Hilton type before a comment is made lol.

    I'm a classy gent compared to Ms. Hilton, and she gives a bad name to the family she was born into.
    It greatly appeals to jetsetters. Now I can fit more fuel *just kidding*.
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    rich people with lots of disposable money to spend and who know nothing about computers or value
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    I don't need an optical drive in my MBA, neither do I need more ports.

    And for a lot of people the price is great. $700 to me is nowhere near a fortune and that goes for a lot of people.

    Students will buy this that I am sure. Aren't they our biggest consumer of brands?
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    Remember me?

    My university's MUG leans toward MacBook Pros and then MacBooks.
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    Ron Jeremy is a classy gent compared to Ms. Hilton. :D
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    Macbooks are already overpriced; you don't need OS X to get through college. Most folks who opt Apple will go for the Macbook, the Macbook Pro, or the iMac, in that order. The Macbook Air will probably come in fourth.
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    cool nice anti-dell plug you're special

    but just remember that you can get an XPS 15.4" laptop with the same specifications as the midrange MBP for 800 less so lets continue throwing around value
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    im interested if you know these students that will pay a premium for a crippled machine as i must be going to all the wrong schools and be in the wrong social circles....
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    I've got more money than he does though lol.
    Wait, Ms. has more than he does too.

    Let me choose a more suitable category. I am more classy than Prince William of England. Fortunately, I haven't gone through the phases him and his brother have been going through.
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    if it could run osx, i would get a pc sure. but can it? noooooo
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    I think the MBA is mainly for banker's wives. I am sure a small batch of users will use it for what it was designed for which is for business portability or those just looking to scale down the internet (and have a chunk of dough to do it). However that said, I expect 3rd party support right off the bat looking at recasing in Pink, Rhinestones, and Furs.

    Don't get me wrong it is cool but I think it is really meant to be an accessory like purse puppies.

    Just my 2...
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    I know people within almost all of the Ivy League schools, that's where I am basing my information off of. I am sure though even in lower schools there will be students aplenty wanting the MacBook air.
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    It's not necessarily an anti-Dell plug but it does show that people do have disposable incomes to toss around. As always here's some MacRumors history for all you new guys.

    Apple needs a competitor for the Dell M2010?

    Sony's answer to the iMac

    All of this has happened before, and it will happen again.
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    Banker's wives??? And how about the male executives and elite of the world? I say Yes.
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    Value is relative, and different for everybody. Probably not a good idea to judge people you don't know.

    Having disposable income and buying something just because someone feels like it aren't bad things. Everyone's priorities are different, as they should be.

    It's almost as if everyone here thinks Apple screwed them by "wasting" their design effort on something for "poser" computer users. Not every product has to be perfect for everyone and not everyone needs the fastest computer with the most ports.

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