What free music Recording Application would work on my G4?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Ariii, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Hi! I have an 867 MHz Titanium PowerBook G4 running Tiger, and I don't want to pay to buy GarageBand with iLife. I'm looking for a music recording app that would let me record instruments and drag the tracks directly over each other. Does anybody know of any free music recording apps that would work for this purpose? Thank you.

    (Sorry if this is an obvious question, I can't really find anything online)
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    Audacity is actually surprisingly unknown considering it's one of the very best music recorders/editors and completely free. I should make a song about it or something.
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    check out Reaper!
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    I second giving Reaper a try - although it is not free, the personal license is only a very reasonable $60.

    The other option is Ardour - a GPL DAW originally for Linux. I haven't had much experience with this one unfortunately.
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    Ahh it used to be free!But now it is free for 60 days. That gives you 60 days to put away 1 dollar a day. The program is feature rich so its well worth the money!
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    Do you not have an apllication were you can let VSTs let it play or maybe a notation software that just plays it for you (like Finale or Sibelius)? I think Garageband would do that, too, if I remember right. One would be more willing to go on listening and trying to understand the structure or what you are actually trying to do.
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    Thanks, I have uploaded a MIDI here :).
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    Jethryn Freyman

    Audacity is good.

    Felt Tip Sound Studio 2/3 still kicks its' ass though, that's my weapon of choice.

    I remember when it came free with Jaguar on my iMac G4...

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