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What game do you most often play online?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Durandal7, Oct 8, 2002.

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    What game do you most often go online to play? I am curious to see what is 'in' at Macrumors when it comes to this.
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    i have a 28.8 connection so i try to stay away from online games :p...well untill i get a highspeed connection
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    My connection is about the same as Silvorx, so I don't play many, but some on newgrounds.com are pretty funny. Try "African Detroit Cop" it will get you laughing.:D
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    I used to play Chain of command by 2AM, but they went out of business. I used to love Bolo too, but can't find it anywhere anymore.
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    I usualy play Warcraft III and Return to Castle Wolfenstein... Both are great games to play online!
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    Tiauguinho, me too! Right now, it's mostly warcraft III for me. I do have RtCW and play that often too. I also have MoH: AA, but have only played it a few times. I try to concentrate on one so I can get good at it.
  7. job
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    Usually RtCW, but I need to do a clean reinstall..

    Currently Icewind Dale, but no one plays through Gameranger..

    I also need to reinstall Tactical-Ops..
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    Return to Castle Wolfenstein DEMO!

    I've got the full version, but it's crappy and slow. It's Carbon.

    The demo is written in Cocoa.
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    RtCW and AvP all the way! :D Im on GameRanger most of the time, contact AssassinOfGates if ye want to play. Same screen name for WarCraft III
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    We have to meet at the RTCW servers Chibianh, hitman, tfaz1 and AssassinOfGates! I only have the demo version but I play it almost every day. My nick is: CrazyMother****a (sorry arn...)
  11. job
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    sounds like a plan..

    I can't play in the next two weeks, but after that... :D :p

    I don't really have any favorite servers...do you know the IPs of any good (i.e. fast servers?)

    My fav map is Beach btw... ;)

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