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what games will run on a macbook?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Cloudgazer, May 18, 2006.

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    I know the intergrated graphics on the macbook prevent it from playing serious FPS games like Half-Life, Halo, etc.

    But what kind of games will play nicely?
    NWN? Age of Empires? WC III?
  2. jsw
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    I can vouch for WCIII. I play it often on my mini core duo w/1GB RAM, and it plays fine. It would be even better on the MB's as long as you have 1GB or more.
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    My brother plays KotOR, WCIII and Halo II on a 20'' Intel iMac. It runs them pretty well and it only has 512 MB of RAM - much better than my PB which has 1 GB.
  4. jsw
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    FWIW: WCIII did play on my iMac w/512MB but improved markedly when I added RAM. I suspect that it would not play well on a 512MB system where 80MB is taken up by the graphics, but I concede I could be wrong!
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    The reason i ask is:
    I would love to get my wife a macbook.
    she enjoys gaming, but is by no means a hardcore gamer.
    Her favourites at the moment are WCIII, NWN.
    She likes mostly strategy and sim type games. She's definately not an FPS kinda gal.

    Now I know that a macbook is not a gamers machine, so I'm curious as to what will play and what wont.

    Thanks for the replies so far.

    Oh one other thing. If you use bootcamp on a macbook will you be able to play things like Age of Empires III, Empire at War and Battle for MiddleEarth?
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    Though it's specs aren't all that different from the iMac, I'm not sure how the integrated graphics would fair. Definitely not as well as the iMac. The same restrictions would apply to games being played in Windows through BootCamp.
  7. jsw
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    My experience has been that the integrated graphics are actually pretty decent once you take the RAM hit into account. Anything that's a couple of years old should play just fine, and newer non-GPU-intensive games should also fare well, esp. non-3D ones.

    I do recommend a 1GB minimum, and that's not just because of gaming.
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    Any word on how the Sims 2 runs on the MacBook/Mac Mini?
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    WCIII plays very well on my iMac 800Mhz G4. So i'm sure you'd be good on a Macbook.
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    I have a mini 1.25ghz 512mb ram and it works fine.

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