What happened to the old colors of the nano and shuffle???

Discussion in 'iPod' started by laravia18, Oct 11, 2007.

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    Every since they changed the colors I had a hard time looking at them (expect the black and red ones). To me, they look like some kind of special Easter edition of the product. I know I may sound outrageous, but I had to say it!
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    They're discontinued.
    You can get the old generation nano colors at the apple store online for cheap.
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    Yet they're still better than the "Gap Summer '87 fashions" colors of the previous generation...
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    It's like what Apple did with the iMacs. They started out with all the bright colours, then moved on to the "pastel" colours.
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    I'm holding out for the "Blue Dalmatian" shuffle then.
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    the fashion of clothes also always change with colours, apple does this too, maybe in 10 years, there flashy imac colours will come back, who will know??

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