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What happened to the Weatherbug iPad app?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by fw221, Jan 29, 2011.

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    I loved it, then it died with the last update. Now it's not in the app store and there's no mention of it on the dev site. :(
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    Mine works fine. But I agree it's not currently in the AppStore.

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    A quick google gives the impression the most recent update broke the app.
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    Yeah, it does seem to be missing. Mine is working but I have no idea what version I have.
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    The last update broke mine, too. Last week, I think. Crashed repeatedly on opening so I deleted it, thinking I'd just reinstall. Nope. It's not presently in the App Store but I guess now I'll have to check daily since without the broken app installed, I won't get the notification when the fix is available. :(

    If your app is still working, you didn't update it. Lucky you. ;)
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    Mine won't even open now.
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    Looks like the update is in the App Store
    I downloaded an update tonight
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    WeatherBug Back in the App Store

    Folks, we got the app back in the app store yesterday afternoon and it appears we have all issues resolved. If anyone purchased the ad-free and ads are showing, you can purchase again, Apple will tell you that "You have already purchased this item" and you will not be charged again for it.

    I appreciate your patience and support. Glad to be back up and rolling again:)

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    We're back!

    Hey everyone,

    Wanted to let each of you know that WeatherBug has addressed the issue with the iPad app, it's back, everything is back on track and you can get the full details on who, what, when and why from this post.


    Again, WeatherBug for the iPad hasn't actually gone anyplace, it was just caught up in the update backwash that can happen sometimes. Thanks.

    Matt Hartley
    on behalf of WeatherBug :)

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