What headphones do you use with your iPod Touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by aman29, Nov 5, 2007.

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    I have a pair of Etymotic er-6is, and I love 'um.
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    I got a pair of sennheiser cx300's. They are great, had em for a year.. and i got ome wire damage, took them back to the store last month and they gave me a new pair :)
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    I am getting those for Christmas....so you like em?
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    yea they are great. awesome fit (you get three sizes, the smallet one is aweome for me) and great sound/bass.

    The only problem I found is, when the wire touches ur clothes or something, the sound is amplified to the ear piece. However you do get use to it, and only get it when ur running/moving fast with them.
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    I use Ultimate Ears 5 Pro - sound really good and overcome the general problem of lower maximum volume over previous generations on iPod.

    Amazon - £109
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    I have a pair of $40 Sony in-ear headphones that, for the money, are pretty sweet.
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    I love my v-moda vibes from Costco (~$75) in gun metal black...check out the reviews...

    If you want comfort, ambient noise isolation, good balance of lows/mids/highs without spending $100 or more, I highly recommend these...
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    i've been using the Sony ""Street Style" behind the head headphones for years. The ipod buds don't fit in my ear-holes and always fall out.
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    I gots a pair of white Sennheiser PX100 headphones, they rock!
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    Another vote for Sennheiser CX300's. Better than Sony in my experience.
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    Yeup, I have these too, only in the Red Roxx color. I really like them. I just busted out my Zune to try them out with and to my ears the Zune sounds a lot better than my touch.
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    I used a Bose "Around-Ear" headphone. The headphones are light and the sound is good enough for me. I use around the ears headphones because I can never get earbuds to fit correctly and comfortably in my ears (one would always fall out).

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    Sony EX-70LP from time to time, but mostly my big Sennheiser HD280 Pro. Love it.
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    CX300's for just under a year this christmas :)
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    I agree with PowerFullMac,
    The Senn PX100's are a fantastic headphone for the price. I got mine for $42. Since then I have retired mt Grado 60's.
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    I have a Motorola HT820 BT Headphones that I would LOVE to use unfortunately it was decided that having transmit-only BT on the iPoT would make too much sense.
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    Like some normal folk, I actually use the Apple Earbuds. I like them a lot, and I feel they are decent quality. Besides, the Trademark White helps too.:D:apple:
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    Bang & Olufsen A8 - got them in London before the Apple stores started carrying them - and they're amazing. Perfect uncolored sound.
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    Shure E500, which just failed, after a whopping six weeks of use. :(
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    Shure e3's, no problems with them whatsoever, perfect sound. (unfortunatly you can hear when people cough in the background in the song). :)
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    I'm still using the earbud coming with my ipod.
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    Bump for the ultimate ears super.fi 5 pros, I had them for a week now after grabbing them off ebay for 150, they have dual drivers unlike the Shure e4cs which means having great bass without sacrificing your highs. I highly recommend them.
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    Sony....had them for over a year ,still love it

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