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What if Apple made a 42/46/55" TV set...

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ermir4444, Sep 17, 2010.

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    Just like they make the Cinema Displays for Mac they could make a Cinema TV for Apple TV somewhere between 42-55".
    It could have Apple Tv integrated as well as it could be great to use it with a Mac Mini as HTPC.
    They could even put an A4 chip in there with iOS Apps all around controlled by an iphone and not to mention that it would be Air Play friendly.

    All aluminum back with LED local dimming IPS display @ 1920:1080. It would be the sexiest tv in the market hands down.
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    Well for a start you'd need to remortgage your house to afford the insane price tag Apple would slap on it:D:D
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    I would pay 2500 for one no problem...
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    Except Apple would want 4000 and your first born:D
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    Your sizes are too close. 46, 55, 65

    Before I bought something like this, I would really have to be compelled by something (other than 3d) that made it special above and beyond a Samsung or a Sony.
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    Too big of a gap between their current largest offering (27") and 46" though...
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    Well if you think about it its still a 1080p panel. Apple is selling 2560x1440 LED, IPS panels at 999 (27" Cinema Display). Why would they price this tv @ 4000?
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    I currently have a 55" Samsung LED and would consider selling it and purchasing an Apple 55" or larger if:

    1. Image quality is as good as my current set.
    2. The aesthetics of the set are appealing (although, I can't imagine Johnny Ivy and Jobs releasing something that's not).
    3. They don't handicap the media playing abilities. I want to be able to play all the content from my NAS which includes all sorts of different file formats like mkv, avi, ogg formats.
    4. Includes a decent number of standard ports (HDMI, DVI, etc). It would suck if all it had were a few of their mini-DisplayPorts.

    The thought of having the guts of a Mac in there are much more appealing to me than having an AppleTV built-in. I have never purchased or rented any videos from iTunes nor do I have any intention of doing so, therefore, having a built-in AppleTV really does nothing for me.
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    From Apple, dream on! :p
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    It's called humor, designed to portray the fact that Apple over charges for there hardware, I throught the comment about your first born and the grinning face would give it away..... Oh well.

    But in all seriousness why would I want to pay 2500 for what is basically a 55" HDTV with a built in AppleTV? And you said it yourself it would be a 1080p panel and not a 2560x1440 one, so what makes it any different from a Sony or a Samsung, why should a pay through the nose when I can get a better known TV brand for less.
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    LOL. Which is why the thought of having a Mac in there is more appealing to me than just an AppleTV.
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    ^^ CoolMacLover


    It would have the apple icon on it :p Thats above and beyond for Samsung or Sony :p
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    I dont see what the problem is with buying a TV and a MacMini/aTV? Combined devices are more hassle then they are worth.
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    The picture in that article you linked to made me laugh so hard. There trying to justify the price of a dedicated TV made by Apple against a normal TV and all of the AV gear to prove the TV made by Apple is cheaper. But on the normal TV side they've listed:-

    Blu-Ray $149
    Audio Receiver $129
    Games Console $249

    All things the TV made by Apple wouldn't contain. So if you take all those costs off of the price of the normal set-up the TV by Apple isn't such good value after all.
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    Still won;t be as nice as my Elite 101-FD
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    If and when Apple releases an Apple TV that is an actual TV, expect it to be in the 40"-50" size range, not the 50"-60" size range, because Apple would not be price competitive at that size. Realize that though the 27" Cinema Display does have a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 at a $999 price point, scaling the screen to even 40" while maintaining that resolution, while not insurmountable, is technically difficult and will carry a premium price tag. Apple Cinema Displays have the best picture of any display in the world, and you can expect a 40" to be at a higher price point than the best Sony or Samsung 40" display.

    Also, expect the Apple TV, as well as slot-load DVD or Blu-ray superdrive, cable card slot, and DVR, to be integrated into the display. Steve Jobs said the problem with Apple TV was that there was no viable 'to-market' strategy, in large part, because of all the different players in the game. There's no nation-wide cable provider. The industry is balkanized. The way around that is to integrate everything into the display. And, it won't be marketed as a TV with integrated Apple TV. It will be marketed as a TV with everything integrated, replacing all the boxes under your TV, with the best picture of any TV in the world.

    Apple is the only company that I trust to do this, because they are the only company that understands what the consumer wants from the experience and has the will to deliver that experience. I have a Sony TV in my bedroom with a slot-load DVD player with power supply mounted to the back. It is a lower-end model without the integrated Bravia internet, so I most likely will also be strapping an Apple TV to the back of my TV as well. I have a small surge-protector strapped to the back because the wall plate only has one outlet. So, I have had to get all these boxes mounted around the back of the TV with a flat wall mount. I'm a minimalist. The only furniture in my bedroom is a bed and two night stands (if I had it my way, there would be just the bed, but my partner wouldn't have it). I don't have anywhere else to put all these boxes. It would have been far better for me if Sony had realized that consumers want all of this functionality but without all the clutter and had the will to put it all in the TV.
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    Agreed. If one breaks/it is upgrade time, you don't have to buy the entire suite, just a new mini/atv or a tv.
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    Doesn't make any business sense for them to do so if you ask me. List one advantage it would give them over what they could build a box to do.
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    It would be cool but for some reason I bet it would use MiniDisplay Port over HDMI :eek:
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    To make more money... Why would they sell a Apple display? a cell phone? It would boost up iTunes sales if the the Apple made TV had an Apple TV built into it and when you buy it you can rent all you movies and TV Shows off your TV. Apple is one of the best advertising companies out there they'll make people want it and with how big of a thing TV sets are I'm sure they would sell a lot of them and make a ton of money.
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    Ha ha, brilliant.

    But this HAS to happen, it HAS to if you look at what thyr'e saying about being King of the Living room
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    But all they have to do is what most LCD TV companies do already. Buy a panel from LG or Samsung, stick a slick Jonny Ive designed enclosure a bit of proprietry apple TV based electronics in it and voila.

    May not be a huge seller but when people see them in shops amongst the Panasonics and Sonys it sends a clear message and they may sell one or two.

    They already sell 27 inch screens so it won't be too long before they start hitting a size big enough for aTV
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    Not sure this is close to their market... at all. Computers, iOS, and a "hobby"... not to mention a few accessories makes up what I believe is their future.
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    Not sure if Apple will have much interest in making HDTV sets.
    This is a saturate market with great sets, cutthroat competition and very low margins. Apple usually like to make a good profit per unit also add all the large costs of storage and transportation of such big sets.
    Just makes no sense. ATV is what they need to get into the entertainment room, not really the TV itself.

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