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What if iOS 7 is a major disappointment features wise?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by DBZmusicboy01, Jun 9, 2013.

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    The new UI will be amazing I bet but what if there isn't any special features ? The whole fully integrating Facebook and other apps sounds too privacy destroying junk.....

    What they need to do is make iOS 7 computer free so we can download songs without sync messing up the data if we needed to do some iTunes connection... Connecting the iPhone to the computer is a disaster because if we wanted to add personal videos or music from our computers to the iPhone
    It won't work correctly
    The whole iTunes library thing is ridiculously flawed.
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    Then we'll see lots of useless threads like this one.
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    Everybody kills themselves...suicide wise.:rolleyes:

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    They already got rid of the need for a PC with iOS 5 and iCloud.
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    AAPL's stock will sell off again
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    What if all these "what ifs" are just inane speculation? :D
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    What if all these what ifs are just what ifs about what ifs?
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    At any rate, I am sure we will all be disappointed with it. We always are following a keynote. I can't remember a year when we weren't! :p

    I guess I was happy after iOS 4 though when multitasking was finally added.
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    If by "We" you mean all the geeks that basically want iOS 7 to be a combination of Android and every jailbreak tweak that has ever been thought up, yeah basically it will be crap
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    iOS is 100x better than Android *now*, so it's hardly going to be "disappointing".

    Apple: "Use what is essential, make it look and feel amazing, hide/trash ANYTHING that isn't required"

    Google: "Ah, just throw it ALL in! :p "
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    What if everyone shuts the F up and waits another few hours?!?!?!?! WHAT THEN HUH? :)
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    You can bet the farm it's gonna be a disappointment just as 6 was. Won't be no real change and flattening icons is stupid.
  13. thehustleman, Jun 9, 2013
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    Then Android will get even further ahead
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    "Buttt butt butttttt..."

    Exactly. What if a fly lands in your coffee? Biggio Dealio.
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    Wait...a fly in MY coffee...that's a serious problem. Don't kid about that!:eek:

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    Chuck it down the sink and re-grind 'em :p
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    Just threw up in my mouth a little. :(
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    I know that, and you know that. But it doesn't stop packs of the rest from complaining because they can't do this or that like they can in Android
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    All you got to do is grind some beans, throw em in the cafetiere and wait...
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    I hope that there aren't any new "special features". I'd be much happier if they simply took a step back and just focused on dramatically improving everything we already have vs throwing in more superflous beta ware (Siri+maps+passbook).
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    That's called bug fixing - this is called a new OS - come on! Where's ya sense of excitement?! :D
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    Well yes, that's what we always expect and then everyone is disappointed.

    I will be disappointed if the stock apps aren't updated with more than UI changes. They literally haven't changed in 6 years. That's ridiculous when you think about it.
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    What, more ridiculous than pre-emptively complaining about something that hasn't yet come to pass?
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    Oh, I'm not complaining. I am excited and a bit nervous about what's coming tomorrow, but I am hopeful.
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    That's the spirit! :)

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