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What if Steve Jobs would presented iOS 7 as it is?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by m1kygarcia, Jun 13, 2013.

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    I´m just curious to know what you guys think?, do you think it would of made a hole different perception?

    cheers, and have a nice one.
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    You realize there is no cookies for starting useless threads, right?
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    Dead people generally don't make captivating speakers.
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    Saw this on The Verge:

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    Steve Jobs hologram.
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    what´s with the comment, i just want to know others opinion on the matter, what´s wrong with that?
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    He wouldn't present it because he wouldn't allow it.

    That's my opinion at least.
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    Personal opinion - He probably would've hated it at first, but came around. It really is a great redesign, Beta 1 is doing really well and aside from a few UI tweaks and some iPhone 4 bugs, I think it's pretty damn amazing. It's a good step forward, I think Steve would've realized that.

    Just IMO of course.
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    This I agree with. It is clear they released this beta at a much earlier stage than previous as a response to increased scrutiny and a overly quiet 2013. They decided they could not wait to show something new.
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    I think this was the most Steve Job like Keynote since Steve Job's last one. They did a fantastic job. Craig + Jony = Steve Jobs IMO.
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    iOS 7 in it's current form would NEVER have gotten Steve's seal of approval. It would look like iOS 6, Forstall would still be a the helm, and some of the current new functions probably wouldn't have made it (Control Center I'd wager to be one). Green felt and leather stitching EVERYWHERE!! All those poor digital cows!

    Then instead of whining about the icons, there'd be whining about how it looks stale and boring.
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    Are we forgetting the first iPhone shipped without copy/paste (among other things)? Jobs signed off on that.
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    Tupac disagrees with you.
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    I think Jobs was okay with letting the iPhone sell millions of units without Copy/Paste...
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    And iOS 7 will sell tens of millions of units even if the app icons don't get a major redesign.

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