What if the new tablet comes with a Wi-Fi accessory with HDMI out?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by VirtualRain, Aug 6, 2009.

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    What if the forthecoming tablet product comes with a an accessory that allows it to be connected wirelessly to you home A/V system... effectively a Wi-Fi receiver with an HDMI output... thus replacing the AppleTV?
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    I think if you have the choose of to have hspa or not it very well could replace apple tv.If its locked down and your required to sign up for service that may turn some people away.
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    Not a of of use if you're out at work with the tablet and the wife and kids want to watch something! :apple:TV or its successor needs to remain in the house.
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    I believe there is a tiny market out there of wireless HDMI. I say tiny because the cheapest receivers are above $1000. If one could send an HDMI signal reliably over WI FI, I wonder why it hasn't been done yet...

    There is of course HDMI over ethernet, so again I don't see why a solid WI FI connection couldn't do it.

    Ok now to my actual intended post...

    I don't think that they would come out with a wireless connector for the Tablet. What Apple will want to do is integrate the Tablet as much as possible with the Apple TV. Since Apple is mostly about convergence, I don't see them coming out with an accessory for the Apple TV.
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    I see the tablet being the ideal media player for people on the go... HD video, music, etc. It would then make sense to offer some way to interface it to your TV as well. It's form factor would make it the ultimate couch potato companion and remote control with multi-touch. Perhaps the tablet and a revised AppleTV that it interfaces with seamlessly is what I'm actually hoping for? Of course this is all wishful thinking. But if the tablet is for video what the iPod is for music, then imagine the possibilities? :eek:
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    I'm sure Apple will offer some form of video out. The catch is that the adapter will cost >$100.
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    ROFL So true!!

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