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What if you wake up next Tuesday...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by generik, Nov 3, 2005.

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    ... and hey! There is now a new PB with the 1.8Ghz Freescale 7448 listed in Apple store, at $300 more than the current 1.67Ghz model... :rolleyes:
  2. dcv
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    then you'd be waking up in a dream.

    pinch yourself and wake up properly. :p
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    I would say that there would be a TON of pissed off PB customers. Luckily, that is not going to happen.


    (after 2.5 years I finally hit 500 posts!)
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    I will try to reach that 500 mark.. in a couple more weeks :p

    I suspect that might happen though, look at the usual PB line, traditionally there is a "good" model and a "best" model, but currently we only have a "good" model, leaving the performance throne empty.

    Secondly I really don't quite believe that Apple would actually invest time and money to redesign the mainboard to fit in a new chipset and new memory bus.. what they might have intended is to fit it in, advertise this line on the merits of improved display and of course, better battery life... and then perhaps when the last update starts to fade away from memory will apple announce the new improved PB with.. yet more superior battery life, as well as better performance!

    Well, it is just a thought :rolleyes:
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    First, unplug yourself form the Matrix, second, slap yourself... :p :D
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    I'll probably have to change my sheets :eek:
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    That would not be necessary if you just remembered to remove dirty socks before going to sleep. You were, of course, referring to socks, right? :)
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    Huh? What socks? :D
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    Over a computer? Ohh. You're a robot, right?
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    what a meaningless posting.
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    Actually, this posting does highlight the benefits and value of most other threads. ;)
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    I would piss a little... Since I bought a high end 1.67 pb last night!!!!

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    I'd be happy that I've been holding out for a refurb of the laptops...
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    Yes, I agree your post is meaningless. :p :cool:
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    I can certainly understand why. Dreams tend to have that affect. :D

    The dream of generik, just won't happen though, just had an update.
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    Just had an update.. with still a vacant spot to fill in the marketplace :D
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    I thought they updated on Wednesdays now. :rolleyes:
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    ill be pissed about the priced but thrilled about the update
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    If that dream ever turns into a reality.. remember, you heard it here first! :D
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    If it does ever actually happen it'll be on a Wednesday, not a Tuesday. Apple updates on Tuesdays are soooo last year... :p :cool:
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    Processor is one thing. What kind of video card will it have?
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    An idea...

    Perhaps an owner of one of these new PBs could unsolder the existing 7447 CPU and drop in one of the new 7448 chips (you're a Freescale customer, say). Then we'll see if all these theories about the motherboard being ready for a 7448 are true.

    Might be a good idea to back-up first. Perhaps keep a fire extinguisher handy. ;)

    Next week: Swapping in a Mobility X850 graphics chip to release the power of the secret PCI-E interface.
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    Someone might have done just that.. one guy by the nick of teddy<something> apparently has a 1.92Ghz PB running on a 7448!
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    Oh yeah! And that would explain then why he is still dreaming! :p :D
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    4am in the morning now :)

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