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What iOS 7 looks like

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Michaelgtrusa, Jun 9, 2013.

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    that sucks don't it?
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    How does it suck? He confirmed the UI changed. Just because he didnt type every change doesn't mean it won't be there tomorrow.
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    i meant the new icon style
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    I don't like them :(
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    I agree. I'm not sure about the icons but I will hold out judgement until tomorrow. Still super excited and can't wait !! I don't like how some are round and some are square. If they are going to be adding white space around the round ones to make it square, I don't see that looking very good...
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    Exactly, we need to wait for the real announcement
  9. dago, Jun 9, 2013
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    The positive thing is that Apple could have defined a new scalable format for storing vector graphics and freeing developers from providing multiple PNGs for icons and prerendered bitmaps.
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    Looks great if true.
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    Those are mockups, and no way would they look that bad.
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    That is ****ing hideous.
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    Urgh... No thanks.
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    I'm a little disappointed in the look. A tad cartoony...

    I mean, I could definitely get used to them, but was hoping for something that was going to wow me as an initial gut reaction...
  16. DenisAuermann, Jun 9, 2013
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    the dots used for signal strength and the photos/game center icons look totally stupid. i really hope the dots dont make it. it looks like the UI is going backwards not forward.
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    iOS 7 wll have flat designs and in settings menu there is new edit button on the top right corner which customize the items in settings menu according to image leaked of iOS 7 by techkiddy
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    as i stated to you in your other thread, those pics were already posted here the other day. its nothing "new" since we have already seen them before.
  20. Tar Sniffer, Jun 9, 2013
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    What exactly does the GameCentre icon represent? I'm guessing that the Photo App is suppose to look like a sunflower, but it appears more like the NBC logo...

    I hope 9to5mac got some bad info, because if this is what Apple is announcing tomorrow than iOS 7 could go down in tech history as one of the worst designs ever...
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    it has to be wrong, it has to, apple is so good in design, that's something we'd see on android phones, not iphones haha
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    Ugh, you nay-sayers are joking, right?
    This is nothing more than a mockup comparable to an artist's sketch of a criminal — it'll look so much better in real.
    Remember when we saw mockups of the back of the iPhone 5 and it looked terrible? I'm sure you wouldn't say the same thing now, and I'll bet it's the same when Apple shows iOS 7 tomorrow.
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    EWWW I really hope they do not look like that.
    These look like cheap clones.
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    They're mock ups of what he saw. Read the article.
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    I don't know, this mockup seems all over the place.
    itunes and camera icons has gradient in the background, while the game center and photos only have plain white background... that's look stupid imo.

    this is really ugly. but I hope the iOS 7 redesign isn't as bad as this mockup.

    Edit : seth has access to the early beta, but can only describe the icons. ugh... I really hope the design would look better than this

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