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What is 2G vs. 3G Talk Time?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by HiRez, Jun 9, 2008.

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    So according to the Stevenote, 3G talk time offers half the battery life of 2G talk time...but what does that mean? Why would you talk on 2G or 3G? Since the current iPhone is not 3G and talk seems to work fine, why would you ever use 3G for talk and waste the battery? Is talking using 3G noticeably better audio quality? Is it that the entire iPhone can only be in a single G mode at once, and applies to using data services while talking?
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    This should be in the iPhone category, not :apple:tv.
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    Ack! Sorry about that, I thought I clicked on iPhone. Lil help mods?
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    Well, the difference is approximately 1G. :)

    Actually, I don't know the real answer for certian, but I suspect it's just better call quality.
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    No difference for talking but browsing the web it is a difference faster.
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    I have been wondering this too.

    But why would they list just 5 hours of 3G talk time?
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    How should I know, It doesn't sound different at all unless it is also faster so you speak really fast and it doesn't sound like poo or better reception which sounds better, I have owned 3G phones before but I have noticed no quality difference in talking.
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    If you talk over 3G, you can browse the web and receive emails while talking on the phone.
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    Isn't the difference that data can work in the background while you're talking? So you get mail, keep downloading the song off of iTunes, or keep refreshing a webpage as you speak? I don't know about superior audio quality, but I'm pretty sure that the difference is that data is going simultaneously as you're speaking on the phone.
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    One advantage of 3G over 2G is the ability to make and receive calls while actively transferring data. When connected via GPRS/EDGE, calls will bounce directly to voicemail if data is being sent or received at the time the call comes in.

    Some say 3G sound quality is also better.
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    Oh ok. Makes sense to me now.

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