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What is Apple's best product of all time?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by dross, Oct 9, 2004.

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    the iPod (duh)
    and those new cinama displays holy cow those r niiiiiice (espically with a G5 next to them ;) )
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    Pismo for me
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    i'd have to say the original iMac's, for without them, we might not be on this site today... :eek:

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    I agree. I loves me some Pismo.

    Also the cube. (although it was hardly the best from a business perspective. Innovative design though.)

    The whole iMac line, from a design standpoint (G3-G5)

    ...sorry, was I only supposed to pick one?
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    i agree, pismo was a beautiful machine.

    The newton also, at maturity it did everything i wanted in a pda and more. splendid. (note i do not think apple should make a pda, though I would love to see them foray into the phone/pda market)

    sometimes i cannot believe how long it is taking for a decent phone with pda capabilities to come to market... =P
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    the iPod orginal iMac are the two best why because they saved Apple and put it on the map again
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    From a design standpoint, its a three way tie between the new iMac G5 (i may not think so in the future) the cube (the most innovative still) and the original iMac (the first designer computer). From a technological standpoint, I say the G5 shook up some stuff upon release, as did the iPod.
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    Oh that's an easy one! The ballpoint pens they used to send when you registered Apple products are amazing. They seem have a magical property that makes them impossible to lose* or break. I think that mine will outlive me.

    * "Borrowed" for lengths of time, but eventually returned.
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    original imac.
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    If your question is for fun then it's the iPod. If it is serious then obviously it's the 128K Macintosh (1984), no question about it. Without it we might still be in a DOS world without even a mouse to click with.
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    hello world

    Hands down the 15" aluminum pb.
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    The Power Mac G5. This is by far the best computer I've ever owned, it is a total pleasure to own and use.
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    iMac G4s were really nice. Those were Cube tech, but better marketing.

    I love my PowerBook G4 12"...
  15. mms
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    Design wise, I would go with the Cube, though most of the recent Macs are also beautiful, thanks to Apple's great design team. In terms of overall success, it's hard to argue with either the original iMacs or the iPods.
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    G4 Cube.

    Like others have said, Best. Mac. Ever.
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    Apple Extended Keyboard II
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    tie for three; sorry im indecisive:
    lisa 1 (without it there would be no macintosh--a flop but it paved the way for g5's and everything we know and love about apple), the original ibook (cmiw one of the first consumer laptops, had airport which exploded into an industry standard and is present in just about any modern laptop worth it's weight in plastic), and last but not least: the newton messagepad (among the first pda's, had handwriting recognition, several years ahead of it's time). these products may not have been incredible but they showed apple innovation and paved the way for a lot of the modern computing products we use today.
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    The Duos!!

    In 1992 most laptops weighted 5kg, and the 2.2 kg Powerbook Duo came!!!! The ultimate portable and with a Duo Dock at home you had a nice desktop too!!

    The duo is almost the same size that the powerbook 12-inch, but a bit thicker and a little shorter..
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    OS X
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Candy color Imacs. this was the best seller and saved the company but what did apple learn with this product? nothing,everything that made it great they walked away from. It was the biggest success of all time and everything that made it so great they have ignored. oh well so much for a imac thats a tick away from powermac performance. Now we get waterdowned imacs with not even the fastest cpu from last years powermac. Apple learned ( 0 ) in what made the original the best.
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    ipod m i n i

    I love the iPod Mini. It's just amazing.

    Although the original iPod got the ball rolling, however a few improvements have made it that much better.
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    Personally I'd have to go with my Mac Classic II. It was my first Mac, and it still runs today.

    But in the bigger picture, I'd have to say the iMac. It truly did save Apple in so many ways.
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    the one button mouse, of course :)
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    ohh man i can't stand the one button mouse. i had to go out and buy a m$ mouse just to suit my needs

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