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What is Apple's worst product of all time?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by iBookman, May 17, 2003.

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    What is Apples worst product ever, design and performance wise?
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    Sun Baked

    Are you asking for something that had more design and construction problems than the early Apple /// or was a machine that designed itself out of the market like the Lisa?

    Or couples sky high price with the technical problems like tha TAM?

    Or a product that just plain sucked?

    It's just sooo hard to choose. :eek:
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    I'm aking all of those Questions but also which Apple Product, taking every thing into consideration which is the worst?
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    probably the tangerine-era ibooks. they were aesthetically pleasing, although they came inthose godawful toy colors, they were also extremely overpriced, underpowered, and could only go to a measly 800x600 resolution. coupled with what i believe to be a max of a 6 gig hard drive, the tangerine-era ibooks represent one in a series of follies that Apple has produced.
    Just my $ 0.02 people
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    I would have to agree, but my first "real" mac was a bondi blue iMac at 233 MHZ. I had a 25 MHZ mac that costed 5000 bucks when it first came out, but that was given to me.
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    I have a few of the green iBooks. They are only 3 gig though.
    But ...
    I had a guy at work that sold his (I think it was tangerine) iBook for more than what he paid for ! :)
    Amazing ! This never happens in PC land.
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    The G4.
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    i was going to put down 3 gig instead of 6 in my original post however i was not positive. better more than less right?
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    The entire Performa line.
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    The G4 was great when it first came out...now....well it's time for a much needed change.
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    Nobody here disses my clamshell and gets away with it.[​IMG]
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    G4 Cube.
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    Whoa take a chill pill. lol. Its just a computer. Not your mom. If I said your mom was the worst mom ever I have the feeling you would not find it necessary to yell at a complete stranger.
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    The iBook was the first consumer computer EVER with available built-in wireless networking. It and the Airport Base Station were introduced simultaneously. It was absolutely mind-blowing and revolutionary at the time- that ALONE is enough to keep it off any "worst" list.

    The G4 introduced AltiVec, which through sheer computational power managed to keep the Mac somewhat in play in the face of soaring clock speeds on the part of its competitors.

    The Cube was certainly overpriced, but not by much. Its (mostly) fanless and silent operation was welcomed, and is still cherished, by many of its owners, making a Cube a pricey eBay purchase to this day.

    No, none of those products were the "worst" by a long shot. To earn the name, it would have to be a product that was so useless, so lame, and so bad, by definition it would be long gone and forgotten by the masses.

    Perhaps many of you are too young to remember the debacle of the Mac IIVX. A successor to the IIci that actually ran far slower than its predecessor- and in an ugly case, too! I think it lasted two months on the market.

    Another dog- the LCII. With the cheapest possible components, crippled everything, and the same slower-than-before problem as the VX, running anything more demanding than Calculator or Puzzle DA on the LCII was an exercise in self-flagellation.

    In contrast to those faux pas, a Cube or Clamshell iBook looks like a candidate for the Apple Hall of Fame. Heck, I'd like a cube for a silent media server, and the clamshell iBook is still a great sturdy computer for people with destructive kids.
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    Wasn't there a product called the emate that was targeted at the education market? I'm not saying it's the worst. But it came and went with not much more than a whisper.

    I was never crazy about the original iMacs either. I've never really been fond of the all-in-one designs. That's just my taste. However, I think the LCD imacs are the coolest looking computers ever made.
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    It's all a matter of opinion.

    Cube - crappy power switch, cracks in the case, lack of a fan (but mounts for it..? wtf?), lack of expandability, and overpriced. sexy, sure. who cares? still didn't make it a good machine, or a good selling one.
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    Hmmm..maybe my sarcasm is too subtle, somebody's got to do it now that alex_ant has left..[​IMG]
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    Well, not the worst ever developed, but the worst that I owned was the PowerBook 5300ce. They shipped with broken housing around the display and had instances of batteries igniting. What an awful machine. It took me from then right up until January (7 years) to trust and Apple portable again. Thankfully, my iBook exceeds my expectations.

  19. Sol
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    The Cube was underrated & the Toilet iBook was tough

    You people who dare to criticize The Cube deserve Dells. Just kidding, but really, it was the best Apple computer ever and just imagine how much better it could have been if it was updated like all the other lines.

    As for the toilet-seat iBook, it may have had a lower resolution but considering that it was the same resolution as many Windows running laptops in the same price-range I would not be complaining. The best thing about the toilet-iBook was that it seemed rock-solid and for a portable aimed at the little 'uns this is a good thing.

    Now, my vote for The Worst Ever Apple Product goes to... the hockey-puck mouse. It felt uncomfortable in everyone's hands, it was ball-based, flimsy, the cord was too short, the cord looped itself and in the end it gave all single-button mice a bad name.
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    cubes were not cracked, those are mold lines.

    the 6200CD. that was a lame machine. its only redeeming feature is the ability to change the drive by sliding it in from the front without opening the case.
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    The eMates were a great item.

    The AirPort Basestation (graphite) gets my vote. Had to replace the capasitors a while back and it went bad again. I think that is my only piece of electronics that I have ever owned (Apple or otherwise) that has failed. And no, they wouldn't fix it or give me a referb.

    I bought a non-Apple wireless router the second time around to show them whose the boss. And it was cheaper!
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    Duff-Man says....the PB5300 maybe - a product known for more meltdowns than Homer Simpson has to be the worst....oh yeah!
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    my friends 5300 battery cought on fire but....performa 6360 slow bus slow clock speed. and we cant forget the old classic line..
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    Doctor Q

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    The eMate was great. I still have two that work.

    Wasn't there a PowerBook that had a major overheating problem? That would be my vote for the Azzie (Apple Razzie) award.
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    The hockey puck mouse!

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