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What is are the USB ports of the PS2 used for?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by bobber205, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Just curious. :D
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    or the mini-firewire? (lol at all the companies giving the port their own name)

    Aren't they used for the camera?
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    I use them for a keyboard and mouse. A friend has a camera plugged into his.
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    The accessories I have are the EyeToy camera and the Karaoke Revolution mic, both of which work on your Mac.

    You can also hook up a keyboard for certain games for text chatting. I know you could use it Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, for example.
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    logitech made a force feedback flight controller that uses the usb ports
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    ive always used mine for my keyboard, usb headset for socom, and flash drive (used to upload cheats to a disc)
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    I believe there are, or are supposed to have been, a few games where you could connect two PS2s together using firewire and play multiplayer games. I believe Grand Turismo 3 has this capability.
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    Linux for the PS2 used the USB port I'd bet
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    Light Gun games use the USB port for the uh.. light gun attachment.
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    Keyboards, mice, printers, EyeToy, flash drives, headsets, microphones, force feedback steering wheels, charging stuff like your iPod or PSP (PSP if you have the right cable)

    The mini FW port was used for linking together units. It was axed in the SCPH-50001 revision of the machine (Version 9)
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    Yep, GT3 has this, and I actually even used it a couple times. It's a pain though, because you have to have 2 PS2s, 2 TVs, 2 copies of the game, and it's not all that much better than split screen really.
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    I used a k/b when playing SOCOM. I think also a mouse can be used as a pointer rather than the controller.
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    ...charging your XB360 controller 'cause you don't want anything sticking out of your 360 when you have a cool Halo faceplate on it... :eek:

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    If you're not streaming/networked to your PS3 through ethernet or WiFi, it's a great way to transfer files from a computer to your PS3 -- via USB flashdrive/ jumpdrive (movies, music, photos, etc.)

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