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What is difference between 4th and 5th Gen iPod Touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by NJRonbo, Nov 26, 2011.

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    All the stores are selling iPod Touch 4th generation.

    My kids are telling me there is a 5th generation.

    However, from what I can tell, the 5th generation only adds a 64GB and the color white.

    All I am interested in is an 8GB iPod Touch. Is the 4th generation the latest model?

    Thank you in advance.
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    I hope there is not a 5th because I just bought the 4th, 32gb white, for my daughter and I want the latest one!
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    There really isn't a 5th generation. If there was, it would have been released this September, but instead they added a white model. The 64GB model has been an option ever since the 3rd generation.

    The 4th generation is the latest model.
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    It comes in white.
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    "5th" gen introduced a white model. Thats it. No RAM changes. No processor updates.

    Really the current generation is still the 4th generation.
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    Apple doesn't call the newest iPod touch a 5th gen.
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    It comes in white. That's a lot of upgrade.
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    Whew . . . Captain Obvious there . . .
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    5th gen dont exist (yet). At there previous press conference where they unvieled the iphone 4s, they just said that the itouch 4th gen is now in white and they are dropping the price to $199 instead of $219.
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    There is only white version of iPod Touch, but I think it's really not a big deal.
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    I think it was instead of $230 if I'm not mistaken
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    The information above is all correct regarding the colour and price change beeing the only 'real' changes. Although, if you read the teardown by ifixit, there are a couple of areas which MAY be different. Namely the board and some connections. I suspect they amount to nothing but if you want to be certain you are buying the very latest mode, I would purchase the white one because that didn't exist before September 2011.

    Also, you can check your product's manufacturing date on http://www.powerbookmedic.com by inputing the product's serial number.
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    meh. either, or.
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    Actually, they did exist before that, they just weren't retail.
    It is.
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    Nothing, except a new colour.
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    There is no 5th generation. They just added a white color to the 4th.
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    What is difference between 4th and 5th Gen iPod Touch?

    Well, there is no iPod 5th, the Final generation of iPod doesn't support video.
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    what? this makes no sense. iPod Touch does support video.
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    Doesn't have to make sense... He was being sarcastic. :)
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    There is just a 4th generation and you can now get it in white.
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    Spectrum Abuser

    Your kids are mis-informed. There is no 5h generation iPod Touch as of 12/4/11. All Apple did was refresh the 4th generation line with a new color and software update.
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    As mentioned, the 5th gen has a faster processor and GPS.
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    No it doesn't and nobody said that.
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    One exists and the other does not.
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    There is no 5th gen, but rather the 4th generation lineup was refreshed with the addition of a white option. The 64GB version is not new to the iPod touch, but rather the latest iPhone. The latest model is inn fact the 4th generation.

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