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What is in the new ipod touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Derkatwork, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Will we need to wait for the teardown of these before we know what is in them? Or does someone know the RAM and other specs? The first thing I thought when I saw the 8GB model was that it was a rehashed 3G.
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    I do know that the 8 gig model isn't an old model this time, but the fact that they didn't change it to 16 is ridiculous. They quit making the most reasonably sized model. I think the 8 is undersized and overpriced.
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    It's all ball bearings nowadays
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    Haha, that is amazing. Name that movie, anyone?
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    Well, we might have to wait until iFixit does a breakdown of the new iPods. That won't be for awhile. At least two weeks from now.
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    I was wondering if the 30-pin dock connector in the new iPod Touch is the same as the previous, iPod Touch 2nd generation and 3rd generation, to be compatible with my repaired pin connector on my BOSE sound dock.

    Is it?
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    Yes. The 30-pin connector itself hasn't changed, and it runs the same version of iOS that the older generations will be running, so it will be compatible.
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    iFixit will probably post a teardown once the new touches hit stores and online, as far as RAM goes, probably 256MB.
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    no.Must be 512 RAM , otherwise it would break the compatibility of apps across the iOS4.
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    How would a lack of RAM break compatibility? The apps would only run slower. I think they put the 512 MB in because iphone 4 got it. They shared quite a bit this year.
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    Pin Connector or the RAM?

    I'm confused by this conversation. I've looked at previous generations of iPod touch technical specifications and it would not specify what pin dock connector was used. Someone said yes and then another followed up with a no. Is this 'no' associated with the pin connector or the amount of RAM used in the iPod Touch that affects the compatibility of iOS?
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    The pin dock connector is what you plug into the ipod, usually with USB on the other end. That is for transferring data and charging. The RAM deals with the processor. The ipod touch uses the 30 pin connector and will likely have 512mb RAM, though it is possible that it only has 256mb RAM. The old ipod cords are compatible with the new ipod touch. RAM (whether more or less) should not make the ipod touch compatible/incompatible with iOS 4.0. The third generation ipod touch (which had 256mb RAM) is able to run iOS 4.0 and 512mb RAM would too (only faster).
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    Is the 3-axis gyroscope designed specifically for games? Any other functions for gyroscope?
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    The RAM is most likely 512MB. The new touch runs iMovie, which was blocked from both the 3GS and iPad. The 3G touches got 256MB to match the iPhone 3GS. The 4G touches will probably follow suit with the iPhone 4.
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    Less RAM wouldn't necessarily make it run slower either. RAM does not have a direct impact on speed unless your RAM is totally full and you are writing to pagefiles. What more RAM will do is allow you to background more tasks and allow more to be running at once. Now, I haven't used an iPod touch, but my guess is that they don't need quite as much considering they are not running software for the cellular radio connection or the telephone apps.

    All that said, it'd be great to have more RAM because I'm sure some apps in the future will be pushing the limits of the memory and I am a big fan of backgrounding apps :D

    I think he quoted the wrong post. :D
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    I've been trying to find something official on RAM by doing the apple online chat, and they all say this, "Ipod Touch has no RAM."

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    Hahahaaaa, that's absolutely hilarious.
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    That's pretty funny, haha. Unfortunately I don't think you'll ever get a correct answer from them.
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    Never talk to Apple people about things, unless you want to know about whether or not the ipod has facetime. They are virtually useless and know almost nothing about the internals. Most of them are history and music majors (I interviewed once and I was the only engineer out of 16 art/music majors).
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    Hi, my name is Randal D. Welcome to Apple!
    How may I assist you today?
    How much RAM does the new ipod touch have
    I'm happy to assist with that.
    The iPod touch has either 8GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage.
    I don't mean the storage
    There is not any info published on RAM for it.
    Is there a concern you have?
    I was just wondering if it had 256mb or 512mb
    That is not listed.
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    ^ That is the best chat so far. :) That information isn't released yet so we will just have to wait.
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    I hope it's true but, I'll wait until somebody from Apple or the tear down says it has 512. By not stating how much RAM this device has Apple is letting this argument/rumor or whatever go on. This is just silly.

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