What is my Powermac Worth?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by crazyfortech, Jan 1, 2006.

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    I was wondering what my powermac is worth. It is a

    dual 500mhz
    512 mb RAM
    40gb harddrive
    dvd drive
    tiger with all cd's (box set)

    I'm thinking of selling it on ebay, what is it worth. I also am including the whole box set tiger. Will that raise the value?

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    1. dual 500mhz (even the iBooks have a faster processor now, and only a few apps make use of MP).

    2. 512 mb RAM (all standard Macintoshes have a minimum of 512 RAM).

    3. 40gb harddrive (all standard Macintoshes have a minimum of 30-40GB HDD).

    4. dvd drive (all standard Macintoshes have a combo drive, DVD-ROM/CD-R/RW).

    5. tiger with all cd's (box set) ( A small perk, however the same as all of the above).

    The only benefit is the expandability of the PowerMac. To break the news its far too old of a system as we are moving into the x86 world. Don't count on getting much. :(
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    You'll probably get around $200 to $300 out of it. If a display is included, add around $100 depending on if its a CRT of LCD.
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    should i sell it

    well i already invested a lot into paid 264.00 for it, I took my old pci and it works really fast. Shoudl I keep it? Maybe for 2 more years!
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    I would still keep it as I am sure it still performs the basic functions of a PC. Internet, Music, Video, Mail, unless its unbearably slow. ;)
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    check ebay for prices of comparable machines. I'd say if you paid $264 for it, that was fair price, since I have seen single 500's going for ~$175 lately :)

    But why did you buy it in the first place if you didnt want to keep it ?

    Surely you realize that if you put another 512-1GB of ram in it, it will run MUCH faster, yes ?
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    Its at that point right now where its not really worth selling because you won't make much money off of it and its better to keep as a backup.

    Say if you were to have a 10 year old car with 150,000 miles on it, it runs prefectly but you would only get $3,000 and you paid 30,000 when it was new. Its better just to keep as a backup or to give to your kid.
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    I think I'll keep it. I'll have to wait for the mac mini intel rev 5 to come out. I hope I'm doing the right choice. I really wanted a mac, and now I have one. I was thinking if I do by the mac mini intel it is bound to something to happen to it. (REV 1)

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