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what is the best back protection using Miniot iPad 2 cover

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by gugy, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Just curious to what is the best back protection using the wood Miniot iPad 2 cover.
    I like the look of the iPad 2 feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case from Incipio, but not sure if it would fit with the Miniot front cover.
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    Also wondering the same thing. I suspect anything that wraps around the edges towards the front won't work. The Miniot looks to go right up to the edges.
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    I picked up an SGP Incredible Shield (matte) for the back of mine. I know it's not much protection against falls or drops, but it should provide some protection against scratches and dings. More importantly, while I haven't yet received my Miniot cover, I'm assuming the SGP film won't interfere with the magnets involved in attaching the cover to the back, or with the fit of the iPad into the groove of the wood (when in stand mode).
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    yep that the question. I know few of those cool cases for the back, but because the way the Miniot cover latches on the iPad, not sure which would work fine with it.
    Does anybody receive a Miniot cover yet?
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    Probably not. I think your only option you got is to get a skin to protect the back.

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