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What is the best hardware for Media Center with XBMC or Plex?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by deckerinn, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Dear members.

    What is the best hardware for Media Center with XBMC or Plex?

    Br, Deckerinn
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    XBMC - Use a dedicated HTPC box and run the linux/windows version of XBMC.
    PLEX - Use a Mac Mini.

    If you want the option to run XBMC and PLEX on the same box then use a Mac Mini. If you only want XBMC then a PC based box is much cheaper.

    The ATV2 will run XBMC and a stripped down PLEX client but you asked for the best hardware, and while it's the cheapest option, it's not the best hardware.
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    I am quite interested for Mac Mini and to have also Win 7 Pro installed on it as a backup if Mac Os update would lock the OS because their business is Itunes. Maybe I am paranoid but this has been the plan but would you recommend Mac Mini standard or Mac Mini Server?
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    You've already made a thread asking that question. I have no opinion as I don't use Macs at all.
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    Custom made HTPC (maybe AMD Llano or AMD E-350 based) would be the best hardware for it, you can build it to even support 3D bluray playback if you want to ( and have a 3D tv or plan to get one soon).
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    you're confusing os x with ios. updates for os x does not "lock" it in any way.

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