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iPad mini What is the best leather case for iPad Mini?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by guklein, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Hello! What is the best leather case for iPad Mini?

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    I'm thinking about either the Speck FitFolio or the DodoCase.
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    Take a look at Kavajs leather cases. I have one for my iPad Mini. It's great.
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    I personally own TheLeatherShop's ipad chromexcel sleeve.
    I'm thinking about buying one of their ipad sleeves- any feed
    back from you guys?

    found at https://theleathershop.com
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    I am waiting for White STM Marquee. However, Releasing date is postponed to Mid April. Luckily, I have Joy Factory Smart Suit.
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    These look great but are ruined by that logo plastered in the center. If I could get it without...they'd have a sale.
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    yeah it is a bit annoying but man its something different holding a leather sleeve like that. you can literally smell the umph in it lol
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    The company Twelve South have a lovely leather case for the iPad mini, made of leather and designed to look like an antique book. I have one and it is excellent.

    Saddleback leather and Colonel Littleton (both excellent companies) also offer exceptionally crafted leather cases for iPads.
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    BisonMade do some pretty cool products!
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    BookBook by twelve south. Great company and the leather is top notch.:)
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    Maroo leather cases

    I have the Maroo leather case for the mini and it's excellent. Very well made and protective. Also has a stylus holder.
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    I have the Maroo Moku for my iPad 3, but it doesn't seem there's one for the Mini. The one for the mini has what seems to be a giant Maroo design on the front. Am I missing the Moku for Mini?
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    Anyone find any of the Folio type? I'm looking for something like this.

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