What is the best solution to support 5 PCs network + Wireless Laptop

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by boneca, Feb 17, 2005.

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    DSL/ 4PCs/ 1Mac

    how would you set it up?

    Thank You.
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    I'd get a wireless router. Thats it. and of course the wireless hardware for any machines you want to support wirelessly. And if you want to hard wire some of them for cost considerations and their proximity to the dsl outlet, make sur eyou get a router with multiple ethernet ports. its a rpetty straightforward thing to do once you decide what you want to wire and what you want to make wireless.

    So you have any specific concerns. Your question is a bit open ended.
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    thx for the answer, the concern is I need to have 5 port router and most if not all consumer end wireless routers have 4 ports. So basically I hink I will need to have additonal hb or switch to the router.
    I was wondering if there is one that will support 5 or more ports.
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    You're right that the cheapest solution is to buy an inexpensive 4 port router (probably w/ wireless - I got my Netgear WGR614 for $30 with rebate), then connect a second inexpensive switch to the first. With 10/100 it should have no troubles handling the throughput.

    I'm sure router units with more than 4 ports will run 10 times the cost of this setup, as they are targeted for the enterprise market.

    Here's an 8 port switch for $15:
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    you may have to buy a hub as well. that's the easiest solution. probably the cheapest solution too. you can pick up a hub for around $30

    get a Linksys Router.. $80


    and that hub for $30.. still cheaper than an airport :p
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    Get and 8 port wired router or a wireless version.

    Make sure you get the 54MBPS newer protocol.

    Wired is the easiest thing the world to set up but you have to buy the cables, 5 long cables arn't cheap and then you have to run them along the skirting board.

    Wireless is more expensive, the router costs more and you need wireless cards for each machine and setting up isn't as easy, but still pretty straightforward.
    But you can expand to your hearts content and is worth its weight in gold if you have a laptop.

    All you need to do now is find a geek to help you sort it all out.

    Sorry, im UK based!!! :p
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    an 8 port broadband router with wireless is going to be expensive.. go ahead and price it out first, but in all likelihood you get cheaper by buying a 4 port router + a hub/switch
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    At first I was going to say some smart a$$ remark, like TOKEN-RING!

    Then I thought how I would do, I am suprised to see nobody suggested two wireless routers (since the Access Points usually cost more). Set up the second one to repeat the signal (i.e. disable the router functionality) and voila you have 8 wired ports and more wireless coverage for your home/apartment/cardboard box.
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    This is what I have right now. I have 2 wireless routers G and B connected to each other to compinsate the missing port(s).
    now how do I disable the router functionality on B router? and why should I do that?
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    Depends on the make/model. RTM of the router you own.

    Becuase with two devices acting as routers, you will have effectively created two subnets that can't "see" each other or you could run into IP adress conflicts (i.e two of the same). Just let one of the routers dole out IP addresses, let the other act as a "repeater/hub" and you should have no problems.
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    That an 8 Port Router OR a wireless router.


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