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What is the best way to get MKVs onto the Apple TV 2010?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by timROGERS, Sep 28, 2010.

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    I know this a thread that has been repeated greatly, but I know I want to know this, and a lot of others would like to know.

    What is actually the best way of getting MKV content (generally with H264 video and AAC audio) onto the Apple TV 2010?

    I know there are lots of ways...QuickTime, MakeMKV, Subler etc. There are loads of ways, but what is the best one which will work on all normal MKVs and will take the least possible time?

    Sorry to be demanding, but I know this will be a useful thread for many people.
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    Depends on what the device actually will be able to playback.
    It needs to be 720p for sure, but the mkvs I'm thinking of are in most cases encoded with CABAC enabled and a bunch of other stuff the current Apple TV can't handle. Therefore you even have to reencode these 720p mkvs. If the new AppleTV can handle these options then it is only a matter of rewrapping them (like the guy above me said) into .m4vs.
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    The other option is to wait and see if Plex will be able to stream to the ATV. Then it can handle all of the reencoding for you.
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    VLC -> AirPlay -> ATV?

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