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What is the current latest version of java for Mountain Lion?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by MacMan988, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Hi, today I installed Java on my computer by going to "Java Preferences" application. But when I go to the "http://www.java.com/en/download/testjava.jsp" it says that the java version I have is an old version and it gives a download link for the newer version.

    Isn't apple suppose to update java? If then I should not be replacing what java website offers for my OS version?
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    Oracle has taken over responsibility for developing Java for MacOS X. Java is now no different than any other third-party software. Until Oracle makes Java available on the Mac App Store, the user is responsible for identifying and applying updates.
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    is there a way to remove the version of java that we get via updates?
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    Does this means I will no longer get java updates from apple?
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    Follow this to remove Java 6 then go to Oracle and get Java 7 to install.

    That is the plan, but I noticed even after the Oracle Java 7 release/install Apple still released an update to Java 6... so I don't know when Apple will stop this like they said they would.
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    I'm confused :confused:

    At the end of August I thought there was a security vulnerability discovered in Java 7, that could allow malicious code to run on a Java-enabled computers, Mac or Windows.

    Java SE7 (1.7) is vulnerable

    Java SE6 (1.6) or lower is safer to use on a Mac/Windows

    Can anyone confirm this?


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    If you are talking about this report, both 6 and 7 are vulnerable.

    To be clear these vulnerabilities are all from using Java in the browser, not the Java runtime for Java based stand alone apps. If you just uncheck Enable Java in Safari you are safe.

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    Cheers Mate

    Already done at time of threat.

    This also includes Chrome and Firefox web browsers.



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