What is the nice thing about Jobs?

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by imacintel, Apr 25, 2006.

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    I was wondering if Jobs does something nicw like, share his wealth,donate some of is money to charity?

    I was trying to prove to someone that Steve is a nice guy :cool:
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    1 Dollar Salary is always nice
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    I dont get it.
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    That's how much he's paid...he doesn't collect the usual big fat CEO salary.
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    Steve Jobs holds the world record for the lowest paid CEO. His official salary is $1.00 per year; however, this does not include "gifts."
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    Didnt he also pay off a substantial portion of Apples debt out of his own pocket a few years ago? Thought I heard that somewhere.
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    OMFG, is that true?? In Canada(won the best country award:D) the minumum someone has to be payed is 8.00/ph
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    prob right.
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    hahahahahaha too
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    r u people who are laughing agreeing with me?
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    You may have "the best country award," but we've got Apple.
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    umm, no
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    EDIT: I would like to publicly apologize for posting that.

    USA and Europe are great places too. And every where else. :)
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    oh yes we need to remember to not piss you off.

    You'll get mad.....:rolleyes:
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    USA > Canadia
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    12? 13? 14 maybe? I'll start the bidding at one crab.

    Seriously kid, chill.
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    Canadians can get mad? :confused: ;)

    P.S. I, too am Canadian...
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    Here is an article that says Steve Jobs doesn't publically give money to charity. But he might do so anonymously.
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    mad jew

    I don't think much of North Americans as a whole. Kidding. You know I love y'all.

    So, did anyone else think this was a thread about a different type of job?...
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    I was totally hoping to say what i love about working at the hospital.....
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    I think much of Australia is a hole. Kidding. Australians are cool.
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    Nope, but when I read "job" the first thing I always think of is APPLE! :eek: :D
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    What's a Canadian? :confused:
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    He wears mock turtlenecks, so no real turtles were hurt on account of his wardrobe.

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