What is the official UT 2004 release date?

Discussion in 'Games' started by bnemesis, Mar 29, 2004.

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    Sorry if this is common knowledge, but does anyone know the official UT 2004 Mac release date?
    Amazon said March 31st, now says "Usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks".
    I couldnt find a release date on Macsoft, and the Apple Store has 2 to 3 weeks listed.

    Any word on when or if an update to the demo will be?
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    the whole demo thing was just a trick/tease to make us all wish we can PCs when the real one comes out (came out).

    oh wait.

    i have a PC...
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    UT2004 is shipping today. Check MacMinute. :)
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    To further confirm that it's shipping today, my copy is in the mail (and I'm tracking it now via UPS.com).

    :D :D
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    I saw the minimum specs: 933Mhz, 6 gig HD, 64Vid AGP ram, 256RAM, DVD, OSX 10.2.8...

    Does anyone know what the recommended is for decent performance?
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    try the demo... I think you should be able to see your preformace there.
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    you can order it now or it should be in the store by thursday.
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    Yes, try the demo. It will only whet your appetite but is well worth it if you find out after the fact your computer just doesn't cut it. I used a 1? Ghz 17" Powerbook, 1 Gig of Ram default specs and had no problems. Except the Powerbook isn't mine :( All in good time. Can't wait to try the full version.
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    According to the UPS tracking system I should have my copy on Fri. :)
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    Read the thread below. I posted a couple of times there with some basic results on how UT2004 demo performs on my Comp. (specs in a signature).

    LINK: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=65067
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    Well I am awaiting a G5PB (and pessimistic rumors now say January 2005) hopefully due in June or August...hopefully that should handle it.

    I sorta hope the new 17" and maybe 15" has a G5 and 4 slots for ram so I can get a decent amount cheaply, plus a 128 graphics card option...
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    Graphics Cards

    I have to say the only thing that tempts me to PCs is that, if you're careful when you buy, you can get a box that you can keep throwing new vid cards in for years. I hope Apple realise that people want to be able to buy a machine that isn't top of the line but has the ability to upgrade the video card further than 64MB, which really doesn't cut it for a lot of new stuff. If this were possible, maybe more people would use macs for games, and then more games might be developed for mac.

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