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What is the quickest and simplest way of getting movies from a DVD to an iPod???

Discussion in 'iPod' started by anti-microsoft, Sep 4, 2007.

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    I've tried handbrake + iTunes (convert for iPod) but it takes like 2 hours to complete the process quicker ways??
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    Why isn't the Handbrake preset to iPod working?
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    Sounds like that is the "quickest and simplest way." Did you read the guide here? They say it takes hours. Re-encoding video, unless you're running an 8-core Mac Pro, will be a looong process.
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    Get hardware faster than a 1.8ghz CoreDuo.
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    MPEG-4 in Handbrake using the iPod presets shouldn't take more then an hour (50-60 fps) even on that hardware.

    The biggest bottleneck would still be the optical drive.
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    I'm using a 2.33GHz Macbook Pro with 8x Superdrive why does it take so long??
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    1. It looks like you're doing two steps instead of one.
    2. The Quicktime encoder sucks, badly.
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    I noticed the same thing too when I had to rip a couple of Bollywood films from DVD to .mov files for an assignment (and I'm Chinese...) and handbrake immediately told me it would take 9 hours to rip a 3 hour film (!).

    What I did was I dragged the dvd's contents to my desktop, which took not more than 15 mins, then pointed handbrake to it. Went down to 2-ish hours after that (or shorter).

    Yeah, I know its a 2 step process, but it works for me. Its true what Eidorian said, the optical drive is the bottleneck. Just sharing my (less than prefect) methods :D
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    3 hours, ouch. I'm surprised that the DVDs weren't copy protected either.
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    It was truly a pain... But that's what you get when you let other people pick out your assignment topics

    And if they were copy protected, it would have been even more longer. But we're talking about Bollywood movies here :p
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    MacTheRipper isn't bad at all on an external drive. 13-15 minutes for a single layer on my 16x one.

    I had a suspicion that the content had something to do with it. :rolleyes:
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    i use DVD2POD, its real simple, like put the dvd in and then choose the quality and its ripped.
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    I don't know if your against this but you can download movies and tv shows already encoded and this was you can download multiple things instead of only converting one at a time...Still will take some time depending on how recent it is but it's probably a good idea. Get utorrent if you don't have it and then find some torrent sites.

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