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What is the refresh rate...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by digitalmatty, Nov 30, 2005.

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    Of the new iMac's with isight? I can't find this info anywhere...

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    and of course by refresh rate I meant response time :p
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    No idea. I don't think those stats were ever published. I don't think they want to point out the fact that the 20" iMac's screen is, in reality, much better than the 17" iMac's screen. :p

    They differentiate the models by screen size and a bit of CPU speed. Screen quality isn't supposed to be different, but it is due to manufacturing differences when making the different sizes.
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    I have heard the new screens in the iMac are better then the 20"ACD, so that would mean it will have to be under 16mS. Maybe we know after MWSF when the new ACD are announced (hopefully!!). The screen of the 20" ACD will probably become the same as the 20" iMac.
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    I agree with you. It is a conspicuous ommission. And I realized why when I compared scrolling on the 17" in Safari with the 20". You definitely notice the flicker on text and diagagonal lines. This is in fact worse than many cheap lcd's. I bought a 17" anyway, a great computer for the money.

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