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What is the weight of the AC adapter with power cord for 13" MBA??

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by hajime, Sep 16, 2012.

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    Hello, could anybody please let me know the weight of the AC adapter+power cord for the 13" MacBook Air? Thanks.
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    You win as one of the most silly questions on this board.
    Don't you have a extension cord in your home? Put it on the bathroom scale to see how much it weighs..Good luck!
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    It is advertised but forgot where I saw it. Did not bother this dude who's too, concerned about weight.

    11" advantage over 13": 45 watt smallish plug vs 85 watt full size.
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    All MBA models use the same 45 watt adapter. 15" MBPs are the ones that use 85 watt adapters.
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    Why would you want to know? :confused:
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    I am trying to decide whether to get the MBA 13" or MBP 15" retina display. Weight of the machine and the adapter is an important factor.
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    The weight of the power cord is the deciding factor between two machines? WOW!
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    AC adapter and power cord and the laptop.
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    Go buy a PC.
    You are being silly
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    The total weight of the 13" MacBook Air and AC Power Adaptor / Cord is going to be lighter than the 15" MBP Retina with AC Power Adaptor / Cord. It will also be lighter on your wallet! But if you have the money and want the most computational power, the 15" MBP Retina is a Portable Power House. :D

    Don't get me wrong, the 2012 MacBook Air is definitely a SWEEET Machine... That's what I'm currently using. :)
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    Someone asked a simple question and all you guys can do is mock him? Bloody idiots.

    I don't have a scale with me but I'd say it's about 500 grams, roughly the same as a bottle of water.
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    Good of you to answer. Now, what color is your home?

    A question that is as dumb as this thread.
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    What you consider dumb, us with weak backs consider important.
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    Sorry, why is it important? Am I missing something here? :confused:

    Mine is white with grey stones at the front.
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    Why don't you just shut up? OP aksed how much is the weight of the AC adapter to know total weight of the laptop. That's absolutely logical question for someone who often travels by plane and is forced to pack all necessary things in small bag that cannot exceed 10 or even 8 kg.

    There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers.
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    That's right. I often travel and is forced to pack all necessary things in a small bag...
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    Sounds to me ur committing a Mission Impossible kind of heist and need to fool the very sensitive alarm's sensor! :D

    According to this review, the power plug is 0.44 LB, doesn't say though whether includes the extension power cord. As everybody knows an Apple power can be plugged in straight to the outlet as needed san extension cord.

    I would go into the trouble of weighting my machine but I don't think my bathroom scale is sensitive enough for under-LB items.

    But good luck whatever ur doing.
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    Then buy yourself a iPad.

    And to Elijen, does the weight of a charger cord really mean that much to you or anyone? Why would it make a difference between a Air or MBP? Really. Don't be rude.
    Pick a machinevthat is best for you and be done with it. The diff between a plug for a 11" air and a 15" retina is only going to be a few ounces...

    The weight of a charging cable is inconsequential, that's my point. No one make a cord and charger that weights several lbs....Now if you are going to add a case or something....woe is you.
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    the rMBP uses a power supply too, so you will be lugging a PS around now matter what.

    pointless thread.
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    13" MacBook Air:
    Computer: 2.34 pounds
    Power cord: 0.44 pounds
    Total: 2.78 pounds

    15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display:
    Computer: 4.6 pounds
    Power cord: 0.8 pounds
    Total: 5.4 pounds

    Based on CNET specs sheets
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    Just weighed for my 2012 13" MBA:

    45W adapter w/plug: 197 g
    Power cord: 141 g

    The MBA itself weighed 1328 g, fwiw.

    Tough to get a straight answer around here, sometimes.
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    having owned Airs and now the rMBPro I can tell you the screen is far superior on the rMBPro to the Air

    also the weight of the rMBPro is obviously heavier than than of the Air but it is lighter than the current 13" MBPro.

    with the release of 10.8.2 you should get all day usage from one charge thus eliminating the need to carry the power adapter with you.

    hope this helps.

    if you are super patient, wait for the 13" rMBPro due out probably around mid-October, once all the iPhone 5 hype has subsided
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    *hums Mission Impossible theme* Why waste your time weighing it? I'm sure you can find all the info on Google. This is a very strange thread...
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    "Silly", "Dumb", etc... Dude, you're pretty aggressive for nothing
    I came for the same question and was shocked by your comments
    Dumb is your answer asking the guy to weight it on his bathroom scale... He's deciding whether to buy it or not, so, he hasn't got one!
    As per if the weight is "inconsequential" as you state... Well, at 335g -as someone more factual than you replied- it's 30% of the weight of a MBA 11". Not as "inconsequential" at all, especially for a frequent traveller on planes with weight restrictions on luggage

    Go to troll somewhere else.
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    I agree OP has reasonable question. Personally, I have 13" MBA. (2011) and do not carry the extra weight of the power cord around as I do not use AC power that much and when I do I am usually close enough to an outlet that I do not need the extra length and weight.

    When I upgrade to the Haswell 2013 MBA I will need AC power even less.

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