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Discussion in 'MacRumors Old Skool' started by Dignan, Sep 4, 2002.

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    I dont get it.
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    LOL, who do we have to thank for these?
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    this is a section arn set up for people like me and alphatech who were posting on macrumors a lot and maybe got tired of either newbies and/or trolls who came to wreck our day and start flame wars

    we both quit as well as possibly john123, kela, and others who i don't think i have seen for months...as well as many original macrumors folks

    so arn convinced at least me to come back with this new section

    or jhatfield
    or jefhatfield
    or juliana hatfield (names i am known as on the net)
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    Sun Baked

    Any ground rules?

    No flaming ...
    No trolling ...
    No name calling ...

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    So I take it that it is you registered as that on TheTechPub. Nice to see you back jef.
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    I'm glad I helped someone come back to the forums. I even called you "jefhatfield" for once. Welcome back.

    I'll remove that little poetry from my sig immediately, now that you are back.

    Now, you mention newbies coming to start flamewars and that's the reason you guys left, apparently. What will this thread cover?

    P.S.: john123 was roaming the boards a few days after MWNY.
  7. arn
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    heh.... I emailed kela and john123...

    Spikey, I'm afraid can't come back... :)

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    Will this become some sort of exclusive forum that newbies can't enter?

    And why are you posting as a guest if you don't mind me asking. You still show up in the member list so your account is waiting :confused:
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    I don't think I count as Old school, but I'll post here anywayz.:D
    Nice to see you back jef,julie,dan whatever.:p
    I wonder if this thread will be closed to those not registered before a certain date in the future.
  10. arn
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    that's my bad... when I setup the forum, I forgot to limit it to registered users. So, jef wasn't logged in and just typed his name in as an unregistered post.

    it's fixed now.

    the forum will remain open for registered users... I will probably limit it from non-logged in people.

  11. arn
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    naw... just don't piss off the "elders" ;)

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    Oh, I don't need a special forum for that. :p
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    Wow, this is a good idea Arn! You could limit it from date of registration. That would be neat. Instead of postcount or demi-God.

    still great idea.
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    with four personas on the web, only you know who i really am...he he

    and if you tell, no one will believe

    i love the web


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    ok, king cobra

    i am from maine, if that helps...but who would want to be from there
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    Well, I know your real name ;)

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    really, now?

    he he

    i know your name really is not back to the mac, and your wife's name certainly is not mrs. back to the mac...am i right?:p
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    I know his real name too, cept' I don't remember how to spell the last name :p
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    >(jefhatfield) i am from maine, if that helps...but who would want to be from there

    People with a strong New England accent, which I can easily adopt to. :D

    >i know your name really is not back to the mac, and your wife's name certainly is not mrs. back to the mac...am i right?:p

    Don't forget about Mini-B2TM! :p
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    Mr. Anderson

    are there any restrictions to who can be in here other than membership?

    ands its great to see the old g5 back again!

    D :D
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    And B2TM Little Bro :p

    All this talk of limiting access based on registration date raises the question, how old do you have to be to be old skool?
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    Mr. Anderson

    I don't think there are restrictions, and you would probably be old school any way - I might not or be right on the line, if one existed.

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    Yea, I be down wit the old skool up in hea ;)

    Anyway, I don't think vBulletin would support access based on registration date. If it can't support more then one private forum then I dobut if it could support rules like post count and registration date.
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    Glad to see you back on, jef'...now the question is: Are you going to be posting a poll anytime soon?;) :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yes, I think it is fitting that you should post the first poll in the Old Skool forum. You know you want to.


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