what is up with the KB on MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by pr5owner, Jan 19, 2008.

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    why is there an Eject button in the top right?

    am i missing something here?

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    Yeah.....it probably ejects discs from the optional USB optical drive.
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    the eject button could work with the optional super drive. i also wouldn't be surprised if this is the exact keyboard we'll see in the next mbp revision.
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    Whoa good catch. Although siurpeeman is probably right, it's still cool.
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    how else would you open the try(if its not slot load), you think apple is going to release a drive with..*GASP* a BUTTON?!!?

    this can by like asking why there is an eject button on the macbooks now that have slot load drives, theres no need for an eject button, just drag the icon to the trash or click on the little eject arrow

    some people (including me) still like having buttons to push
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    wow if steve heard that he would ban you to intel extreme graphics hell...

    i still like buttons too, and TACTILE FEEL.... :D
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    This is where the eject key is on all apple keyboards

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