What is wrong with my battery???

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by bluewomble88, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Got iPhone 5, one year old, battery has been fine.
    Got ios7 last week and the battery is dropping at 3% increments at times. I thought it was me at first but no, was just reading an email and I watched it jump from 53% to 50% in one go.
    Is anyone else experiencing this?
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    I have not measured exactly but it is pretty clear to me battery life is worse than before on my iPhone 5. Even turning off the usual culprits as well as the new ones (eg. background app updating), needs a patch I think.
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    My battery life going form the 5 to the 5S is the same, if not a little better.
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    Yes, overall my battery life is very good. It's just that occasionally it drops by 3% in one go rather than in 1% increments. Very strange.
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    Try calibrating the battery and see what happens.

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