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What is wrong with this Logo?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by line, Aug 3, 2010.

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    I've had a gift shop for about 6 years and have now taken it online, the logo we have has served us well so far but somehow it just doesn't seem right online.
    I'm looking for constructive criticism

    this is the logo:

    and here it is in context

    for the sake of clarity the name of the company is "alon"
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    If you need to clarify the name (which you do because I red it as Alan) then the logo doesnt work. It should be clear and concise. For the rest of the text try closing the tracking to give a more solid statement. At the moment its just words in Helvetica/Swiss.
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    Try with Comic Sans.

    Honestly, maybe it's too monochrome (b&w logo, grey background...)
    Also, I read it "avon"
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    Which one? I see two logos...
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    I read avon too, I mean I totally ignored what was written in the circle because it was too complicated to read
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    I know Keith, that's exacly my problem. The first one (inside the circle) has been a decal on our storefront and bags for years.
    However online it just doesn't read/doesn't make sense so i slapped "design shop switzerland" next to it to make it a bit clearer for browsing costumers.
    I'm not certain on wether it should be part of the logo, what do you think?

    here are some variations based on comments above:
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    Don't align the ascender of the d with the h as it makes the d indented and looks wrong. Swiss design is all about uber clean lines and strong typography.

    No2. looks like a flacid penis with two balls.

    No3. Looks like two pubes.

    No1. Is great!

    Try using other typefaces than Helvetica. Try AvantGarde or Lubalin Graph. They will give you a nice swiss look too.
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    v2 & 3

    you're so right unfortunately
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    Three more variations based on your comments.


    the shop is actually based in switzerland, so font it's not necessarily a stylistic decision.
    I'll deal with colour once I'm on a decent track with typography and basic geometry )

    ..thanks again for all your comments.
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    That's a curious statement. How is it not a stylistic choice? (Not trying to be an ass, just interested why you say that).

    I think all of the new batch are too tightly kerned and the type for "alon" is still unreadable.

    I'm also curious about the 23 in the URL. Why is it not called Alon 23 in the logo and then a tag line referencing swiss design? Thats a missed branding opportunity (to me).

    V4 & V5 are not very in line with the swiss style, if you're trying stay on that boat.
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    You're right, it is entirely stylistic. What i meant was that I wasn't going for the "nice swiss look" entirely on a whim but partly because of geographical context.

    The actual logo is in fact alon23 but in six years only a handful of people have noticed it:

    ...I'm therefore trying to phase it out.

    I agree on the kerning for the new batch and your observations on v4 and 5.
    The "alon" bit is meant to represent a shop window on a small-city block so I'd appreciate any comments on how to communicate this better.
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    When I go to your website, your products look fun and warm.

    But your logo does not.

    I would work at matching your logo's statement with that of your products.

    Oh... and I read "avon".

    If you have to keep that mark, I'd consider breaking it out of the circle.
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    The trouble is, you're trying to do too much with this and your hierarchy is wrong. The "alon" mark in itself is okay... and contrary to what other posters have said, it doesn't have to be readable UNLESS you are trying to convey it as a stand alone word mark. For example, Nike swoosh doesn't say Nike, but you see it as Nike because of how they have branded it. With your highly stylized alon type, it comes across more as a symbol than a word mark, so you might have to help it out a bit. Back to the Nike example, when they first came out with it, they added Nike text below it. Now it stands alone. You could go the same route in order to save your mark.

    Here's what I would try:

    I would treat "alon" as a mark (especially since you've already have it established), but I would add the text alon alongside the mark in a very readable but complementary type face. Next, I would make the "design shop" and "switzerland" more of like a tag line. So, the visual hierarchy would be... alon mark > alon name in type > tag-line. This way, the first thing people see and notice is the mark, then the name that reinforces it and finally the tag-line to say what it is.

    You can set up the visual hierarchy with size, position, and contrast. They need to be visually integrated, but read separately. As you have it in your original logo, the Design Shop Switzerland reads first, when that should actually read last (unless it's the primary part of the name). You are adding your mark as an accent and then expecting people to be able to read what it is.

    Let me know if you don't understand what I wrote.
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    I agree with trying to make this mark work. I think the mark by itself has some legs, however it looks very much like the droid logo. Sucks because yours was first.
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    I think the main isssue with the logo is with regards to the readability, IHO keep the black circle but change the font.

    ALON in Helvetica would be your best option, it would be clean and very easy to read also it would fit into the whole Swiss Design aspect of the site's focus.
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    Helvetica = Switzerland.
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    logo updates

    Dear MR designers, thanks again for the time you've put into your critiques.
    Based on your insights I have a couple of updates:

    "cool hunters switzerland" is the tag line we've used at the physical shop for the last few years, I went with "design shop switzerland" to emphasize the fact that the site is not a blog..
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    While the existing alon mark may not suck too badly by itself it is completely useless to incorporate in other designs without the circle around it -which is kind of gimmicky-. And it does look quite a bit like the droid logo tho' that ain't much of a compliment).
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    You're a design-oriented gift shop — 7 and 8 are industrial (and illegible), and 9, though prettier, has me coming to your shop for camping gear.

    Utilitarian seems to be the done thing for shops like yours. Even if you want to do something a bit different I'd pare it way back from your designs so far.

    And while making use of the '23' in your URL risks making you sound more like a wine bar, ignored, it's a bit johnsmith405 @ hotmail.com. So I'd consider incorporating it into a design like one of those quality control "inspected by" stickers. Or something.


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    Dear Keith, v7 & 8 are a reaction to THX1139's post which I find reasonable in that the 'Logo' part of the Logotype does not need to be readable, and could just be a symbol. I agree that it's a bit industrial in vein and am not sure it's what we should convey considering the products we carry.

    v9 with the bears is an attempt at making the symbol more figurative and recognizable. and it's a pun on 'cool hunters' - polar bears.

    I really like your idea for the quality control stickers and i'll try to incorporate it into the design of the website - if not the logo itself.

    the 23 on the URL should be gone if I can get the owner to agree on a reasonable price.

    I'll bring later today a variation on the bears theme without the 'switzerland' bit, which i realize is quite useless in a worldwide store...
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    all things considered...

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    So you're saying that because it's in Switzerland is must without question be set in Helvetica? Every choice is stylistic.
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    v10 thoughts

    your logo with the polar bears and cool hunter tag line looks great but (IMO) it doesn't match with the store that you run.

    It makes me think of a outdoor supply store logo....perhaps like Northface or Columbia might use.

    Its not very Urban hip or sophisticated cool if that is the look you are going for.

    I'm not trying to be critical just trying to give my opinion. I'd keep the tag line but lose the polar bears.
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    Futura, a sans-serif type face, is also a trendy, european font, one of my favourites tbh. Created by a German designer, it could work well with your company name, it is modern, simplistic, clean and reads well in both headline and copy. There are also several variations (medium/light/bold/condensed etc.)
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    I suggest you take 2 steps backwards. You are trying to solve too many issues at the same time and you are "spinning your wheels". Work on your symbol/logo first and once that is locked down, you can work on type and taglines. You are doing multiple variations of semi-finished work and you don't even have a solid concept yet. Do some research on your brand message (visual and verbal), then pull out the sketchbook and do a bunch of thumbnails, because the way you are working now is not efficient.

    The Polar Bears are okay... but I don't see how they relate. You really need to define your message and go from there... even if it means starting over. Or, at the minimum, pick a direction and come up with a dozen or so variations.

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