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What is your iPhone 3G model # (and what type do you have)?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thadoggfather, Jul 14, 2008.

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    16gb black -- MB048LL

    go to about in settings to check.
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    16GB White • MB499LL
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    16GB White (MB500B/A)

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    i dont have my iphone yet ...
    but im paranoid about this stuff, cant this suff be used in a malicious way?
    sorry if it cant - its just me :p
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    What is this info for?
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    Science.. right? :D
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    It's not a serial number, it can't be used in a malicious way.
    It's the model number.
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    16GB White
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    Very interesting. +1 for this thread. more model numbers!
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    16GB White MB500B
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    White 16 GB - MB705LL
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    Black 16GB - MB048LL
  14. WHM
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    Black 16 GB Model MB048LL
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    MB705LL/A white.
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    Just curious,do you think certain model numbers have the extra "yellow tinge?" Why not post model,type and whether or not you have a noticeable yellow tinge. I just compared my iPhone 16 GB [MB705LL]white to my teachers this morning and i could tell the difference between the two screens at full brightness.

    I know its not that big of a deal, it just bugs the hell out of me.
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    MB704LL 16GB Black
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    16gb Black
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    Mine is


    Black 16GB
  21. Guest

    Mine is a black 16gb bought in telcel Mexico model A1241 it also has no serial number on the back.

    EDIT: Actually mine says A1241 in the back, but in the about menu on the iPhone, it says MB496E. Anyone else have differences between these two numbers?
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    16 GB Black

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    MB04BLL restored to 47 firmware

    16 Black


    Week 28

    Paler screen than week 26's, 45 firmware displayed in Apple store but accurate.
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    Apple Store, Huntsville, AL. Had firmware 45 and it was "yellow-er" then my iPhone Classic. Restored to 47 and all is good. :)
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    What's the point of this thread if we don't share if ours is good or not, flaws, etc. to see if there is a pattern. Doubtful.

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