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What is your iPod's Name?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iGary, Feb 18, 2005.

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    What does your iPod mount as?

    My 20GB is "Steve" (Yes, that Steve)

    My shuffle is "Micro"

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    ...well it is a mini after all... :D
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    my iPod of course is named wPod
    i got the w from windows though. b/c i got my iPod when they first came out and i was using a windows machine. at this point they were not compatible but i found a couple hacks to get it to work. and since enjoying my iPod so much i ended up buying an iBook a few moonths later!

    my shuffle is Q98 .. . . thats what it came default out of the box (or did i accadentialy hit some keys?) dont know what it means though. any clues?
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  7. TMA
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    Since I got my iPod a few months back:

    1. "Music Biscuit"
    2. "Pod-Pod"
    3. "iPod-Wad"
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    boneca - doll in portugese

    EDIT: Since I just got my second iPod, iPod Photo 30GB I decided to call this one Boneca and the iPod Mini will be Boneca Mini :p
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    3G 20 Gig is "Kyle's iPod" and the 512mb Shuffle is.. "Shuffles" :p
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    Great MP3 Playing Micky Dolenz! My buddy named his shuffle "Sir Reginald Winterbottom III."

    My 4th gen 40GB is aptly named "Q-bert Jones." He helped me with that. He's been thinking of starting an iPod Naming Service.
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    My old 3rd gen 40gb: His Podliness
    My photo 60gb: The Almighty Pod
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    iPod 20GB: Figurehead
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    Yarr, my iPod was also aptly named with a ridiculously long, somewhat Britishly stuffy name. (Not "Sir Terwilliger Jones IV," however. That's the name of my inanimate rabbit.) The iPod has since deemed that he'd like to be known collectively as Gromit, though Wallace is an iPod shuffle waiting on a shelf in the Apple Store for me right now, unpurchased. (The poor guy. :rolleyes: )
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    "W's iPod"
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    Mine is Kai_Pod.
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    i don't have an ipod, but i have names for my three computers:

    clamshell ibook - which i simply call ibook
    compaq presario model 1272 laptop - pc laptop
    dual g4 power mac - dual g4

    i used to collect guitars and have had nearly 60 instruments at one time or another and i only named one, which was a kit made superstrat i called "the black monster"...i felt i should at least name one guitar since clapton called his favorite guitar "blackie" (a conglomeration he put together from parts from 50s and 60s fender stratocasters)...today i just have one guitar, an esp/ltd, and i don't have a name for it

    but if i get a new mac, and it's an ibook, then i will have to give it a name since my old clamshell ibook has the name "ibook" already

    so, any suggestions?...besides "ibook 2" or "g4 ibook"?
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    4th gen 20 GB: Chewbacca

    1 GB Shuffle: miniPod
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    Both my pb and iPod shuffle are called dexmus.
    Its the name I use to play moh or rather all games. Its inspired by Gladiator. :D
    The shared iTunes playlist on my pb is called 'Silver hammer', inspired by The Beatles.

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    Ivan (the iPod)...no other reason except it starts with i. Actually, it should be Ivan II now after the first one packed it in. Got a replacement though so I shan't complain :)
  20. TEG
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    Waimea - City on Oah'u in Hawai'i

    Since my computer is Waipahu (another city in Hawai'i) I'm taking everything that is wired to my system is another Hawai'ian city.

    Also, my Airport Base Station is "El Baz", Shuttle 5 from Star Trek: TNG.

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    My iBook is named ono-sendai, named after a computer brand in William Gibson's Newromancer triology...
    My old Pismo is named treskjegg (the Norwegian name for trebeard) from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings...

    I'm sure you could find a character from a book, tv show or movie that has the properties you'd like to associate with your iBook... ;)
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    Jaffa Cake


    Not exactly a work of genius, but it does the trick.
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    My iPod Shuffle is named...

    "Bamboo Shoot"

    While it shows up this way in iTunes it mounts to the desktop as "BAMBOO SHOO". Not really sure why although I'd assume a limitation of characters for some silly reason.
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    <my name>'s iPod. I know, unoriginal. My computer's name is pbook-1500, and the hard drive is called Root.
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    My Hard Drives are called SponeBob and Squarepants so I think I will name my iPod shuffle (will acquire here in a week or two) Squidward.
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