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What Jobs DIDN’T mention about iTunes subscriptions: Movies

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 27, 2007.

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    Link: What Jobs DIDN’T mention about iTunes subscriptions: Movies
    Description:: Earlier this week, Reuters asked Steve Jobs whether the iTunes store would ever adopt a subscription based approach to music instead of Apple’s current purchase-only model. “Never say never, but customers don’t seem to be interested in it,” Jobs said. “The subscription model has failed so far.”

    Quite right. However there is one area of the iTunes store where there can be no doubt that a “renting” model has worked for decades, and that is the home video business.

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    i know i'd start downloading and watching movies on my iMac/macbook if i could just rent the movies.
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    me too.. It'd be better, too, if they were in HD.
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    I'll third that opinion. I'd much rather "rent" a movie from iTunes then drive to stinkin' blockbuster, or wait two days for the movie to come in from netflix.
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    lord patton

    If Apple offered HD rentals, I'd buy a 37" HD LCD and :apple: TV right now.

    But they don't, and so I haven't even considered getting the :apple: TV.

    You listening Apple*? iTS exists to sell hardware, right? Get on it.

    * Yes, I know they're not listening.
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    i wouldn't be surprised if they actually do pay attention to forums like this. its in their best interest to do so actually. saves them time and money from doing so many market surveys and such.
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    Yeah, but they probably would want input from "normal" people. We're just a little off our rockers! :p
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    Thats true...the overall feel of the iPod was negative here(some liked it), and most here would like an Intel Mac Pro cube, but that most likely would flop again!
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    Yeah I agree with you guys, I'd love to rent movies from ITMS and I would buy :apple: TV in a second if they did that....



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    Yeah, if the terms were competitive with Netflix, I'd leap in a second. You can have 3 movies at a time downloaded to your hard drive (download a new one and iTunes prompts you to erase one you've already seen). $17.99 a month. Unlimited downloads.
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    I'd also note that with Netflix (and Blockbuster's clone thereof) the main wait you will have for "hot" movies is for them to just get the physical disks back in their distribution center when you are at the top of the queue to get the movie next. Especially if you get flagged by Netflix as a "demanding" customer (as opposed to the "only occasionally requests hot movies" customer), you can often wait weeks for a particular movie. You'll have a movie tomorrow, but it's not likely to be the one everyone else and their grandmother wants to see!

    With downloads, that's not an issue. The bits are in plentiful supply, although I hear sometimes they clog the tubes because of all the spam trucks :)
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    I know for a fact that Apple employees are contractually forbidden from engaging in forums such as these, and some have been fired for doing so (not releasing confidential information; for being active in online communities wherein confidential information might be being discussed). Although, many do lurk here under pseudonyms.
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    I'd prefer a model where I could pay £3 to "rent" a single movie for a few days/a week and have the option for a subscription service too, and you should also be able to buy the movie once you've downloaded it.
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    I would also like to be able to rent movies and watch them right on my computer, given the poor performance of video playback in iTunes 7 I'd expect a significant rewrite of the code before I'd do it more than once.
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    I just rent the movies from the store and copy em to my mac to watch when i feel like it. Like children of men, it took me tthree weeks to finally watch that movie but I didn't have to pay 40$ because of my renting habits.
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    In other words, get off your @rse and go down the rental shop. Might shed a few ounces. ;)

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