What kind of TVs do video editors use?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Bobdude161, Feb 16, 2007.

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    I've been in a few editing studios before and I keep noticing that along with their double computer screen setup, they have a CRT TV that they can use as well to inspect their video. And out of all these studios they seem to have the same kind of long and blocky TV. What's that type of TV called and what is so special about it? Not really lookin to buy one, just curious to why it exists.

    And yes while I'm here and talking, is it possible to use all three outputs at the same time on the Radeon 9800 Pro?

    Thank you, good night.
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    Most post houses use a professional monitor, which currently come in three basic categories; production, presentation (display) and broadcast.

    What sets a pro-monitor apart from consumer sets is that they do NOT have auto-correction circuitry design to 'enhance' the image. That's the last thing you want when evaluating your image while editing. They also usually have specialized settings and controls making it easier to properly calibrate, like underscan, blue gun only mode, cross-pulse mode, etc.

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    i use (on the cheap ) a s-video connection out to a old crappy CRT 28" Widescreen TV that way i can tell if the picture looks too dark or not ;)
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    I use a broadcast monitor similar to this at work, albeit better condition, and slightly larger.


    At home I use one of these:-


    Having a TV monitor really helps when editing broadcast outputs.
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    If you can get a hold of *good* calibration video, like what is often at the end of old laserdiscs, You can use any old CRT, IMHO. No sense in

    Speaking of calibration, I was absoutely shocked at the sophistication of Apple's "expert" calibration profile. Apple's default caibration is far too simple, so I was shocked to see the difference when "expert" mode was turned on.

    Maybe I'm easily impressed I don't know. :)

    Good luck!
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    Any brands and manufacturer part numbers ?
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    14" Broadcast Monitor to see the SDI Video ouput from Mac Pro


    Client Monitor, 42" LG LCD


    My personal TV, amazing picture for the price. Sanyo 32"


    In broadcast I was used to using a $10,000 (NZD) Sony grade 1 monitor that only the engineers would calibrate, by far the best way to critique video before sending it over the airwaves.
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    And the suite as a whole...


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