What logo looks better?

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What logo looks better?

  1. A)

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  2. B)

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    The light blue outline of the circle in A seems unnecessary/ distracting IMO.
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    Gotta go with B, just looks more professional IMO.
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    the period on the B looks awkwardly big
  5. waloshin, Feb 6, 2012
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    So if I deleted the light blue around the edge A) would be better?
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    I think so; I prefer the white in the W as to the gray. Getting rid of the light blue is a good idea... i find my eyes naturally looking at the light blue due to the brightness.

    I'm not too big a fan of the oval period in A but I think the circle period in B is a little too big.

    Just my 2 cents :)
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    What type are you using? To me it looks like an upside down M...

    Not to mention first time I saw it I thought it was a new version of Wordpress... Just throwing that out there...
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    I have used Lucida Calligraphy Italicized.
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    Is this for a wordpress theme? I am little confused about the application of the logo.

    IDK but the font just doesn't look right for some reason, not sure if it's the scale, weight or the padding in the circle.
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    And agree.

    The round period (in B) is a better shape than the oval (in A) but I don't understand why you need it. A single letter in a logo is almost an abbreviation by default. Putting a period in there is redundant and just clutters it up. It's typography dandruff.
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    B is better. I like the color gradually change from light to dark.
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    Something i did in Photoshop, a little simpler, little better i think

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